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Scripture Scrubs has developed a range of medical scrub tops with a blend of scripture and design based on biblical themes.

A liquid-permeable, fluid-management, nonwoven composite fabric for use in disposable absorbent articles, is disclosed by 3M in European Patent 1 379 719.

After concluding research and development, and tests in weaving mills, Picanol has launched two machines for weaving glass fibre yarns:

The European Commission(EC's) Textiles High Level Group met for the first time on 5 March 2004 in Brussels, Belgium.

Saint-Gobain has entered a joint venture agreement with the Chinese company HongFaCo.

DSM Dyneema has opened a new production line in USA to make both fibre and unidirectional bullet-resistant material based on it.

An Italian has invented a nonwoven that develops an electrostatic charge to attract and retain dust, and can indicate when it is saturated.

The association representing the European man-made fibres industry - the International Rayon and Synthetic Fibres Committee (CIRFS) - has appointed Omer Sabanci as its President.

Korea's Glow Yarn Co Ltd has revealed details of its process for making phosphorescent yarns.

Antimicrobial synthetic fibres and fibrous products are disclosed in US Patent 6 723 428 by Foss Manufacturing.

Dilo System Group, working in cooperation with its customer Jacob Holm Industries, says it has developed a completely new solution for fibre opening and cross-laying.

A medical bandage in roll form for dispensing in suitable predetermined lengths for orthopaedic use has been developed by BSN Medical of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Zzooties of Bethlehem, Connecticut, USA, has introduced a range of socks for people with diabetes and other circulatory problems.

Eastman Chemical Co of Kingsport, Tennessee, USA, has launched a number of products for manufacturers of nonwovens.

Jacob Holm Industries, a producer of hydroentangled and composite nonwovens, is to install an advanced spunlace line in the USA.

Acoustic insulation for domestic equipment is improved by a development from Owens Corning Fiberglas Technology Inc of Summit, New Jersey, USA.

An absorbent article claimed to have improved fit, particularly when wet, is disclosed in US Patent 6 713 661 by Procter & Gamble.

Mosaic Furnishings, a division of UK-based Skopos Design, has introduced a range of cotton fabrics that incorporate BioCote antimicrobial surface treatment protection.

Dutch research company Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV has developed an electrically conductive yarn.

The Procter & Gamble Co has developed a biodegradable melt-spun fibre.