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Porvair Filtration Group of Fareham, UK, has added two products to its Tekfil range of polypropylene (PP) depth filter cartridges.

A range of antimicrobial polyamide (PA) fabrics that are elastic, soft to the touch and comfortable to wear has been launched by Maglificio Ripa of Spino d'Adda, Italy. 

Textile-based triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs) that, when integrated into clothing, could harvest energy from movement are being developed by researchers in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. 

Less than nine months after ordering its first hydroentanglement line for the production of nonwoven roll goods from Andritz Group, Zhejiang Saintyear Textile Co Ltd has placed an order for a secon

DiloGroup is to supply a second web-forming and needling line to Zhejiang Huajiang Science and Technology Co Ltd of Hangzhou, China, for the processing of blends of glass and polypropylene (PP) fib

A range of sewing threads that are made entirely from recycled polyester (PES) and, through the use of a molecular tag, can be tracked and traced has been launched by American & Efird (A&E)

A durable all-carbon separation membrane that can remove carbon dioxide from gasses is being developed by Toray of Tokyo, Japan.

Further smart textile-based systems for monitoring the vital signs of astronauts have been dispatched to the International Space Station (ISS), and they will also be used on a Virgin Galactic test

A cradle feeder that is capable of removing stretch fabrics from rolls without generating any tension that might create distortions and can be fitted with an integrated cut-off system has been laun

In preparation for the launch of its precise, high-throughput digital finishing technology (called Novara) for technical textiles, Alchemie Technology has formed a partnership with developer and ma

A graphene fibre that demonstrates antimicrobial properties is being mass-produced by Huvis of Seoul, South Korea.

A method that enables the production of tens-of-metres of flexible fibre containing hundreds of interspersed digital temperature sensors and memory devices has been developed by researchers at the

A highly breathable fabric developed by Toray Industries for the production of disposable personal protective clothing has been proven in testing to reduce the chance of its wearer suffering from h

Materials and methods that reduce the environmental impact of the production of face masks have been showcased by Indorama Ventures (IVL), DyeCoo and Stoll through the Easy Mask project.

Liver-surgery patients could soon be protected from heavy bleeding by a haemostatic patch made using an advanced textile-impregnation technology.

Polylactic acid (PLA) manufacturer NatureWorks of Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA, reports that it is making significant progress in its efforts to construct a production complex in Thailand.

Distributor of speciality chemicals, IMCD NV, has purchased Chinese distributor of coatings and inks, Shanghai Yuanhe Chemicals Co Ltd.

Producer of needled nonwovens, NOWOtex GmbH & Co KG, can now manufacture polypropylene (PP) filter media for face masks following the commissioning of a meltblowing line at its facility in Eich