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World Congress on Textile Coating WCTC20

Introducing the First Edition of the World Congress on Textile Coating (WCTC20), 19-20 November 2020

The organisers of the successful and long-running conference series Textile Coating and Laminating (TCL) are pleased to announce its expansion and refocus as the World Congress on Textile Coating (WCTC20). The event will debut in Berlin, Germany on 19-20 November 2020.

In the modern textile industry, coating, surface modification and laminating are the key means to tailor textiles and nonwovens to create functional products for specific, often high-performance, applications. The expanded event will take the necessary wide perspective on all these processes.

Unlike other events, it will not be an academic research-based meeting, but a practical, industry-focussed conference, and participants will be encouraged to share real-world problems with the assembled experts and their fellow attendees in the dedicated discussion forums.

The core of the conference programme will be presentations by invited experts, but in order to give an opportunity for anyone with exciting and relevant ideas to present to a high-level international audience, a Call for Papers has been issued. Click here for full details on how to submit an Abstract for consideration. 

With major speakers from around the world, looking at novel applications and processes of textile coating from a practical industry perspective, WCTC promises to be dynamic and lively, attracting delegates from companies on every continent. For further information and to book your place or Sponsorship package at the current Early-bird rate, click here. Early-bird places are limited, book now to benefit from the current offers. 

There has been a flurry of activity in the past decade as carmakers and composites specialists have sought to develop technologies that would enable the widescale use of carbon fibre-reinforced plastics in the automotive industry. As Ford Motor Co has found in pioneering work, however, these lightweight materials might best be employed as part of a multimaterial approach to part production. Composites Editor James Bakewell takes-up the story.

During Index 20, a Swiss company will launch a calcium carbonate powder it has developed specifically as an additive for polypropylene (PP) formulations used to make spunmelt and drylaid nonwovens. Omya International AG of Oftringen will tell visitors that the inclusion of Omyafiber 800 will save manufacturers substantial sums of money and help them to produce high-quality fibres and fabrics. Martin Brunner, Technical Service Manager—Technical Polymer Applications, Christophe Roux, Head of Market Development and Innovation, and Michael Knerr, Head of Polyolefin Applications, provide visitors to the exhibition (to be held in Geneva, Switzerland, on 31 March–3 April) with a preview of what they can learn about the mineral modifier by visiting stand 4321.

Strategies adopted by the Belarus government and the plans of some of the country’s leading manufacturers of technical textiles reveal a determination to increase production capacity and develop innovative products in order to boost exports, reports Eugene Gerden.

Following the political and financial turbulence of recent times, Ukraine’s new government wants to create an economic climate fit to revive its technical textiles industry and attract investment from Western businesses, reports Eugene Gerden.