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2023 sees IFG International Fibres Group is celebrating the ten-year anniversary of its launch of a fibre made from the biopolymer polylactic acid (PLA). Here, the company describes the benefits of the biodegradable thermoplastic for the production of fibres, the research and development work it has undertaken over the last ten years, and the role that PLA could play in the future of the technical textiles industry.

Founded in 1880 and with its headquarters in Belgium, Bekaert describes itself as a global market and technology leader in the material science of steel wire-transformation and coating technologies, and has 27 000 employees. In recent years, the company has been finding innovative applications for its metal/metal-alloy yarns in smart textiles, reports James Bakewell. 

Suppliers of chemicals and builders of machinery for the finishing, and the coating and laminating of technical textiles will present technologies designed to minimise the environmental impact of manufacturing processes at ITMA (to be held in Milan, Italy, on 8–14 June 2023). James Bakewell picks out some highlights.

Manufacturers of machinery for knitting and weaving save their big announcements for ITMA (to be held in Milan, Italy, on 8–14 June 2023) and while many will announce developments in software for the automation of their machines and their connection over the Internet, developments in hardware remain key, according to James Bakewell.