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Markus Ruedi and colleagues say EMPA's combination of knowledge from basic disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology and engineering helps to improve and develop materials and technologies fo

Heated godets with precise and reliable temperature control systems are decisive components in the production of quality fibres, including technical yarns.

While reviewing the activities of Jakob Muller, Roland Seidl, of the Jakob Muller Institute of Narrow Fabrics in Frick, reveals the extent to which narrow fabrics play an important role in a variet

Rieter believes that the keys to success in the technical sector are an understanding of each market's needs, flexibility, reliability and the provision of extensive services, particularly faciliti

Erich Weiss, Chief Executive Officer of Cavitec/Nonwoven, part of Santex, describes how the Group has evolved and put the many years of experience of its companies to good use in building machinery

Schweizerische Textilfachschule's Henrique Schneider describes how this college prepares students for work in the textile and fashion industries, as well as working with industry in the development

Heberlein Fiber Technology expects the markets for technical yarns to continue to show strong growth and is backing up its conviction by developing a range of specialized components for the modific

Benninger reveals how the demands made by technical textiles have shaped its strategy for developing machinery.

Although most noted for its machinery builders (see page 7), the Swiss industry offers much in the way of technical textiles too.

A system for creating fibre bundles that are easy to handle is the subject of US Patent 6 722 116.

A method of thermally cutting and sealing the edge of a running web is the subject of US Patent 6 681 668.

Shakespeare Co says its latest innovation is a highly durable monofilament produced using a patented process that alters the surface properties of semi-crystalline polymers (IsoTuffTM).

Polymer Group Inc (PGI) has developed what it claims is an extremely lightweight nonwoven with an abrasive surface and high absorbency.

A two-day meeting, New Technologies and Smart Textiles for Industry and Fashion, is being held in London, UK, 1-2 December 2004.

A hydroentangled nonwoven composite fabric containing pulp fibre that can be used as a fluid distribution layer and/or absorbent component of an absorbent personal care product has been developed b

Good business in most segments gave US consumer goods group Procter & Gamble a 44% rise in profits to US$1.37 billion in the fourth quarter of its current operating period.

The UK's Ministry of Defence (MoD) has granted Stedfast Inc of Granby, Quebec, Canada, an exclusive worldwide licence under a International patent application to commercially produce and market coa

Customer Evaluations are under way for Innofiber DCS fibre glass from PPG Industries, which claims its product is designed to improve the quality and processing efficiency, particularly for screen

Japan's Murata Kikai KK has developed a variant in false-twist texturizing that it claims can be used with polylactic acid (PLA) fibres.

A diverse range of medical products is being made under the name Metea by Vyzkumny ustav pletarsky (VUP) of Brno, Czech Republic.