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3M Innovative Properties Co of St Paul, Minnesota, USA, claims to have improved the design of facemasks.

Breathable, biodegradable/compostable laminates designed for use as an outer cover for personal care products have been developed by Kimberly-Clark.

Instituform BV of Rotterdam, The Netherlands has developed a tubular composite to assist in the restoration and reinforcement of existing pipe and conduit systems.

Menzolit-Fibron GmbH of Bretten,Germany, discloses a system of making fibre-reinforced materials in US Patent 6 838 148.

Healthpoint of Fort Worth,Texas, USA, has signed an agreement with Italy's HT Group to market Oasis Wound Matrix and Oasis Burn Matrix products in Italy.

Johnson & Johnson Wound Management has announced the addition of Promogran Prisma Matrix to its range of chronic wound dressings.Developed to provide protection and tissue growth in a changing

Synergy Brands has announced that its subsidiary PHS Group is to enter the Dominican Republic's disposable diaper market as a result of an exclusive sales agreement with Associated Hygienic Product

A thin coating on at least the face of a basalt fabric can produce a flexible and stable textile, according to International Patent WO 02 086213.

American researchers are using nanotechnology to develop layers of so-called "smart textiles" that will not only keep first responders and the military safe without sacrificing comfort or ease of u

A self-adherent dermal wound dressing has been developed by Tri-State Hospital Supply of Howell, Michigan, USA.

Antimicrobial nonwoven webs with odour-control and antibacterial properties have been developed for personal care absorbent articles by Kimberly-Clark.

A "breakaway" leg sling is outlined in US Patent 6 837 862 by John Allen Driver of Warner Robins, Georgia, USA.

Japanese fibre maker Teijin Ltd has developed a sewing thread by combining two sorts of polyester filaments.

Saurer describes its recent acquisitions of Fehrer and Kortec as an important milestone towards realizing its nonwoven strategy: the development of a complete technology platform.

Held alongside Techtextil, Avantex sought to showcase the trends in innovative clothing with integrated supplementary functions.

In a ceremony at the start of the show on 6 June,TheTechtextil Innovation Prize 2005 was awarded to five exemplary developments in the field of technical textiles: one for technology,two for proces

Attracting 1075 exhibitors from 47 countries, an increase of 22% from 1993, Techtextil continues to grow.

Demand for coated fabrics will increase 3.4% a year, reaching 573 million m2 (685 million square yards) in 2009, according to the latest study.

After filing for bankruptcy in May 2002,Polymer Group has bounced back.

The Avantex Innovation Prize 2005 aimed to draw attention to the latest developments,promote unconventional thinking and intensify the dialogue between research,manufacturing and application.