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A US company has invented a hybrid cable cord comprising at least two yarns with different properties.

In US Patent 6 749 929, a company from the Republic of Ireland describes a material for thermally insulating and sound-proofing the engine compartment of an automobile or truck.

PPG Industries, USA, and its joint venture partner in China, Nan Ya Plastics Corp, are to build a second manufacturing furnace for glass fibre reinforcements at their facility in Kunshan, China.

Premix Thermoplastics Inc, USA, had added carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastics to its Pre-Elec range of electrically conductive composites.

An 'oxygen bandaging system' is described in US Patent 6 767 342.

The French glass fibre maker Saint-Gobain has developed several reinforcement grades.

Michelin, France, has developed a composites-based, airless tyre. As the tyre it is not dependant on pressurized air to remain inflated, it cannot be punctured.

Cross-over hygiene products -- absorbent articles that sit at the crossroads between lifestyle/convenience and traditional product features -- are the new battlegrounds for major hygiene product co

Two hygiene products are among six finalists competing for the 2005 Visionary Award presented by the US-based Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA).

Surfactant systems for personal care products are disclosed in US Patent 6 727 196 by Kimberly-Clark.

A knitted therapeutic medical compression stocking for the prevention of venous disease and/or embolism is disclosed in US Patent 6 725 691 by BSN-Jobst, a subsidiary of BSN Medical.

A padded cushioning device designed to be worn with a leg brace is outlined in US Patent 6 726 646 by Neil Bacheldor of Sebago, Maine, USA.

A radially expanding, cylindrical tampon claimed to have improved ability to prevent early leakage has been developed by McNeil-PPC, part of Johnson & Johnson.

US companies White Knight Engineered Products and CNS have jointly developed Breathe Right luxury allergen barrier bedding encasements for mattresses and pillows, which are being sold exclusively i

A workshop on Personalised Health: The Integration of Innovative Sensing, Textiles, Information & Communication Technologies will be held in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, on 13-15 December 200

Disposable absorbent pants with fluid-handling characteristics useful for encouraging toilet training have been developed by Kimberly-Clark.

An "oxygen bandaging system" is described in US Patent 6 767 342.

An improved bandaging system for use in the treatment of venous leg ulcers has been developed by Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Biopharmaceutical research and development company Alltracel of Dublin, Ireland, has announced an agreement with Pharm-a-care Laboratories for the launch of five first-aid products in Australia und

A moisture vapour-permeable composite structure is disclosed in US Patent 6 749 923 by Procter & Gamble.