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Japan's Toray Industries Inc claims it has developed a polylactic acid (PLA) fibre that is stronger than its rivals at high temperatures.
International Patent WO 03/052179 discloses a method of making low denier, highly extensible fibres, as well as soft, extensible nonwoven webs based on them.
DuPont has developed a woven weft-stretch fabric that, the company claims, has a high degree of recovery.
International Patent WO 03/069030 describes a novel system of creating an insulating composite by loading it with microspheres.
An inventor has developed an artificial turf, claiming it solves problems associated with earlier surfaces such as granules migrating to the surface and the rapid separation of sand and granules causi
Germany's Groz-Beckert KG has patented a transfer needle for a loop-forming knitting machine in which the transfer spring is held firmly in place.
A team at the US Marine Corps has a developed a socalled "disruptive camouflage" suitable for use in the visible and infra-red (IR) ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Czech open-end (OE) machine builder Saurer Czech has developed a rotor-spinning system for making multicomponent yarns (European Patent EP 1 464 742).
M Cubed Technologies Inc has developed a form of silicon-infiltrated ceramic based on a reaction-bonded silicon carbide body for use as an anti-ballistic material.
A US-based inventor claims to have used elastomeric materials to develop a device for protecting fingers. Dennis J.
Freudenberg Nonwovens of Durham,North Carolina, USA, claims to have developed a tufted carpet that offers acoustical insulation in automobiles.
Malden Mills Industries claims to have developed a process that can be applied to a raised, knitted fabric to render it absorbent to moisture and/or water on one face while the other is repellent.
A mechanical process for creating microfibres is the subject of International Patent WO 00/46435.
Kelheim Fibres introduced two new viscose fibres for nonwoven applications at the Index 05 exhibition held in April 2005 in Geneva, Switzerland.
The Band-Aid brand of adhesive bandages, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products, is now being manufactured with the company's new Comfort-Flex technology.
At April's Index 05 exhibition,nonwoven roll goods producer Texsus of Chiesina Uzzanese, Pistoia, Italy, showed several novelties, including products for the feminine hygiene, baby diaper, adult incon
A disposable absorbent article, which includes an absorbent chassis and a fastening system that creates a refastenable pant, has been developed by Kimberly-Clark.
The smart textiles team at Canesis of Christchurch, New Zealand, is currently involved in several projects to develop wearable medical devices.These include:
A study by the UK's Nottingham Trent University has revealed that Amicor fibres could help fight the spread of the "superbug", methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which is responsible
An apertured nonwoven composite is disclosed in US Patent 6 849 319 by Tredegar Film Products.