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A liquid-absorbent pad having a single, large through-slit as part of an absorbent article is described by First Quality Products in US Patent 6 852 101.
An improved absorbent catamenial (menstrual) tampon is disclosed by Procter & Gamble in US Patent 6 840 927.
Researchers at ITV Denkendorf in Germany have developed a cost-efficient, preventive device that monitors vital parameters in babies.One application is to warn against sudden infant death syndrome.
Saurer describes it recent acquisitions of Fehrer and Kortec as an important milestone towards realizing its nonwoven strategy: the development of a complete technology platform.
Kimberly-Clark Worldwide Inc has developed a laminate that it claims can be composted and is biodegradable.
Gentex Corp of Livonia, Michigan, USA, has patented a form of protection incorporating reactive and adsorptive components in a multi-fibre protective filter.
A compression garment for selective application in the treatment of lymphoedema and related illnesses is described in US Patent 6 852 089 by Innovative Medical.
A tampon with improved leakage protection is disclosed in US Patent 6 837 882 by Procter & Gamble.
The Resource Recovery Forum (RRF) is to bring together key stakeholders in the current nappies (diapers) debate for a one-day conference to be held at the Cavendish Conference Centre in London, UK, on
Mechanically divisible fibres having at least one component including poly(lactide acid) and at least a second of aromatic polyester are the subject of US Patent 6 780 357.
Molnlycke Health Care has expanded its Barrier range with the introduction of two comfortable products aimed at preventing surgical-site infections.
Biocompatible, absorbable, three-dimensional (3D) textile scaffolds are being developed to help regenerate oral mucosal tissue of patients following, for instance, surgery to remove head and neck canc
A comformable, thin-film composite wound dressing has been developed by 3M.
A version of denim which is said to be 15% lighter and 15% more durable than conventional fabrics, has been developed in the USA by DuPont.
Motor manufacturer Daimler-Chrysler AG has developed a sophisticated composite for use as a safety element in automobile designs.
Fleissner Maschinenfabrik has invented a system that allows for the rapid replacement of the jet strip in a hydroentanglement unit without the need to disassemble the equipment.
Following the introduction of hand towels and bathrobes in antimicrobial qualities using Trevira Bioactive polyester fibre, a leading terry towelling manufacturer is now supplying antimicrobial beddin
Finland's Ahlstrom Glassfibre Oy has invented a system for making chopped strand glass fibre mats.
3M Innovative Properties Co of St Paul, Minnesota, USA, claims to have improved the design of facemasks.
Breathable, biodegradable/compostable laminates designed for use as an outer cover for personal care products have been developed by Kimberly-Clark.