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A system of presenting pile yarn tufts on both Jacquard and spool Axminster looms is the subject of European Patent EP 1 156 145.

A multiple-sleeve apparatus for applying pressure to a body part is described in US Patent 6 656 141 by Tony Reid of Menlo Park, California, USA.

An elastically stretchable composite sheet for use in disposable articles, such as diapers, sanitary napkins, incontinence products or surgical gowns, has been developed by Unicharm of Tokyo, Japan

A disposable absorbent article with a faecal management member has been developed by Procter & Gamble of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

CardioTech International of Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA, has taken delivery of 40 000 units of its AlgiMed alginate wound dressings, and has begun distribution to emergency care physicians, hosp

An adjustable dressing wrap that supports and maintains primary wound dressings in place has been developed by Carol and Jean Woodworth and Joyce Bonick of Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

Austria's Textilmaschinenfabrik Dr Ernst Fehrer AG has developed an improvement in the action of a needling machine producing nonwovens.

For the fiscal year 2003, the consolidated turnover of the Picanol Group was Euro483.7 million, a decrease of 6.9% compared with 2002.

An elastic yarn designed to provide moisture management is the subject of European Patent EP 1 350 872.

US-based DuPont has developed a film-fibril sheet that, the company claims, has a better balance of key properties such as air permeability and liquid barrier resistance, and toughness and softness

Saint-Gobain Vetrotex is to invest in its manufacturing capacity for glass fibre at its DouDian plant in Beijing, China.

Diolen Industrial Fibres has invested in more modernization at the company's tyre cord converting operations at its facility in Camacari, Brazil - Companhia Bahiana de Fibras (COBAFI).

In the absence of Saurer and Rieter, Phil Owen found little in Birmingham of interest for technical yarn producers exploiting the staple fibre route.

A problem with open-end (OE) spinning is that it has tended to be inflexible and what it makes has been lacking in character, which means that markets have been restricted to volume consumption of

A machine for manufacturing pre-shaped absorbent pads for sanitary items is described in US Patent 6 623 264 by GDM of Offanengo, Italy.

A medical dressing assembly has been developed by Medical Dressings of Muskegon, Michigan, USA.

A process for making a braided bifurcated stent is outlined in US Patent 6 622 604 by Boston Scientific/SciMed.

A design for large sails that are subjected to high air pressures is the subject of US Patent 6 624 098.

Murata - the only company to date to build an air-jet spinning machine (the MJS) - continues to develop what it describes as a vortex spinner-- European Patent EP 1 347 085.

Disposable surgical drapes and gowns that feature laminates secured by cluster bonding techniques have been developed by Allegiance.