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Water-decomposable backsheet for absorbent articles are disclosed in US Patent 6 747 186 by Unicharm.

Polyamide High Performance is using DSM Engineering Plastics' fibre-grade Stanyl KS411 polyamide 46 (PA 46) in the production of its new Stanylenka 460HRST fibre.

A tetraxial woven construction and a machine on which to make it are the subjects of International Patent WO 03/012184.

A novel process that produces thermoplastic granules reinforced with natural fibres has been developed by Agrotechnology & Food Innovations BV of The Netherlands.

Managing a major change within a company can be a challenge for many organizations but it can prove to be a positive experience too, as illustrated by recent changes within Acordis Services Ltd.

A surgically implantable device that allows a surgeon to locate suture threads attached to the device before implantation is outlined in US Patent 6 746 458 by William Cloud of Charlotte, North Car

The decline in the US textile industry, visa problems for those trying to travel from the Middle East and a growing interest in other markets, such as China, are all factors forcing machinery show

US Researchers say they have carried out the first large-scale manufacture of fibres composed solely of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNs).

Exports up by 3.5% in first half of 2004

Coated Vicryl Plus Antibacterial (Polyglactin 910) Suture has been launched in Europe by Ethicon Products, a division of Johnson & Johnson Medical.

GE Advanced Materials, The Netherlands, has adapted a papermaking process in order to produce a long thermoplastic resin reinforced with glass fibre.

Markus Ruedi and colleagues say EMPA's combination of knowledge from basic disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology and engineering helps to improve and develop materials and technologies fo

Heated godets with precise and reliable temperature control systems are decisive components in the production of quality fibres, including technical yarns.

While reviewing the activities of Jakob Muller, Roland Seidl, of the Jakob Muller Institute of Narrow Fabrics in Frick, reveals the extent to which narrow fabrics play an important role in a variet

Rieter believes that the keys to success in the technical sector are an understanding of each market's needs, flexibility, reliability and the provision of extensive services, particularly faciliti

Erich Weiss, Chief Executive Officer of Cavitec/Nonwoven, part of Santex, describes how the Group has evolved and put the many years of experience of its companies to good use in building machinery

Schweizerische Textilfachschule's Henrique Schneider describes how this college prepares students for work in the textile and fashion industries, as well as working with industry in the development

Heberlein Fiber Technology expects the markets for technical yarns to continue to show strong growth and is backing up its conviction by developing a range of specialized components for the modific

Benninger reveals how the demands made by technical textiles have shaped its strategy for developing machinery.

Although most noted for its machinery builders (see page 7), the Swiss industry offers much in the way of technical textiles too.