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A Japanese inventor has developed a simplified bandage for use on the torso of a patient.
A melt-blowing technique for lyocell is disclosed in US Patent 6 306 334 by the US pulp giant The Weyerhaeuser Co.
A composite nonwoven for use in the topsheet of an absorbent hygiene article has been developed by Swedish group SCA Hygiene Products.
Beiersdorf has developed a nonwoven backing material for orthopaedic dressings and bandages.
The largest private-label diaper producer in the USA is to close a diaper production and distribution plant later this year, and move production to other North American plants.
Layer materials that prevent or control odour are disclosed in US Patent 6 479 150 filed by Kimberly-Clark.
BASF AG is developing multicomponent superabsorbent fibres containing at least one acidic waterabsorbing resin and a basic water-absorbing resin.
Icopal GmbH has devised a technique for making bituminous roofing membranes and joining them.
New York-based private equity firm Castle Harlan has purchased Australia's second largest manufacturer of disposable diapers and adult incontinence products in a transaction valued at $53 million.
Luckenhaus Techische Textilien GmbH & Co has invented a grid structure for reinforcing roads.
A safety sleeve designed to prevent injury and infection to the limb or body part of a healthcare recipient has been developed by Jeffrey Lloyd of Los Angeles, California, USA.
Two inventors from Osborn, Missouri, USA, have developed a sleeveless vest that incorporates an armsupport cuff that supports an arm in an angled orientation against the torso of the body.
A garment with a figure control or muscle support function has been developed by Wacoal of Kyoto, Japan, and is described in US Patent 6 401 497.
Spanish company Relats SA has developed a silicon dioxide fibre that it claims offers better thermal resistance.
The UK's Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has postponed its decision regarding Coloplast's proposed E128 million acquisition of SSL International's continence business.
Recycling of textile waste is the basis for an invention by Georgia Composites.
Improvements to the hydroenhancement of fabrics are the subject of US Patent 6 343 410.
Japan's Otsuka Chemical has developed a conductive fibre as part of its research into bicomponent skin-core fibres intended to offer protection from electromagnetic radiation.
Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance to market what is claimed to be the world's first antibacterial suture.
Researchers from Kansas State University have designed apparel for use in therapy sessions by children diagnosed with sensory integration dysfunction and impaired motor development.