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A multilayered composite for use in an absorbent core of a disposable hygiene product has been developed by Buckeye Technologies.
Honeywell International has revealed a load-limiting yarn that, it claims, is particularly suitable for use in automobile safety belts.
Picanol Group has acquired the French manufacturer of reeds for looms, Lhenry.
W. L. Gore and Associates has extended its range of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) products for dry filtration uses.
The European Association For Textile Polyolefins (EATP), will hold its annual Executive Seminar in Barcelona, Spain, on 19-20 May 2003, taking as its theme New Markets, New Opportunities in Polyolefin
When the Austrian firm Nordlam GmbH proposed to build a new factory on the former site of a gas factory in Magdeburg-Rothensee in Germany, geologists suspected a huge gas build-up resulting from decad
Superabsorbent fibre and film compositions based on L-aspartic acid are described in US Patent 6 465 536 Solutia.
Dow Fiber Solutions has introduced a new generic synthetic fibre. The company is marketing it as Dow XLA, while the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has given it the generic description lastol.
Fabrics for combating and preventing nosocomial infections in healthcare facilities have been developed by MTC Medical Fibers of Jerusalem, Israel, a division of Cupron Inc of New York, USA.
A nonwoven fabric in which the fibre density varies between strips of relatively high density and strips of relatively low density is disclosed in International Patent 01 12888 by First Quality Nonwov
BASF and Sawgrass Technologies have reached an agreement that ends their patent dispute over dye sublimation technologies for the digital printing market.
Three recent case studies highlight the growing importance of geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs), geomembranes and geogrids, says the German manufacturer, Naue Fasertechnik of Lemforde.
The latest study predicts that US demand for geosynthetics will grow at 4.1% a year to reach 72 300 ha (865 million square yards) in 2006.
Unicharm has released an improved version of its Lifree Pants Yoo Nyo Guard urine-absorbing pad designed for use inside pant-style incontinence pads, according to Nonwovens World (December 2002).
A Japanese company has developed netting that can retain water and serve to assist in re-establishing vegetation on slopes. Such materials are used to help combat the advance of deserts.
Sandler AG says it finished the year 2002 with a turnover of a,not126 million - comparable to the position of the year before.
Whitford Plastics Ltd of Runcorn, UK, has developed a coated, waterproof fabric that, it claims, is superior to existing materials.
The UK's Thames Water has developed a system of lining pipelines for in-situ repairs.
A biodisintegratable nonwoven with improved fluid management properties is described by Kimberly-Clark in International Patent 01 14621.
BASF AG and Honeywell International have signed definitive agreements for two transactions. In one deal, BASF has agreed to sell its worldwide nylon fibres business to Honeywell.