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A cheap and simple method for incorporating triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs) into textiles is being developed by researchers at North Carolina State University (NCSU) in Raleigh, USA. 

The resistance of carbon fibre-reinforced ultra-high-temperature ceramics to temperatures of above 2000°C is being tested by researchers in Japan. 

A cap in the wholesale price of gas below €80 per megawatt hour would be of little help to the European textiles industry, according to the European Apparel and Textile Confederation (EURATEX) of B

A durable fabric made by Invista's Cordura brand from pre-consumer recycled polyamide (PA) has been used by Bach Equipment to produce a tote bag that will be launched at ISPO Munich 2022.

A mint-based finish that traps malodours has been launched by HeiQ of Zurich, Switzerland, and Patagonia of Ventura, California, USA. 

The developer of what it describes as a “virtuous" process for recycling carbon fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRPs), Fairmat of Paris, France, has secured €34 million in funding. 

Freudenberg Performance Materials has completed the installation of 13 000 m2 of photovoltaic panels on the roof of its factory in N

A polymer (vitrimer) that demonstrates the strength of a thermoset, but can be re-melted when heated above its glass transition temperature (Tg) like a thermoplastic, enabling it to be recycled rep

W.L. Gore & Associates is to launch two double-layer laminates (Gore-Tex) featuring a textile (Bionic) made from plastic waste collected from coastal environments. 

Water-repellent fabrics that incorporate wool from Chargeurs Luxury Materials are to be produced by Schoeller Textil AG, as it looks to use more sustainable materials in its products. 

An automated plant capable of recycling more than 3.5 kt of waste carbon fibre a year has been opened in Bouguenais, France, by Fairmat. 

A finish that improves the elasticity, fit and feel of knitted cotton fabrics has been launched by HeiQ, of Zurich, Switzerland, and the Lycra Co, of Wilmington, Delaware, USA.  

Wooden wind-turbine blades are to be developed by Stora Enso and Voodin Blade Technology GmbH following the signing of a partnership agreement by the two companies. 

European producer of fabrics for workwear, Klopman International, and its parent company, military and tactical clothing specialist TDV Industries, are using ExpoProtection 2022 to promote

Technologies for the recycling of textiles, and the production of wipes and automotive nonwovens, will be among the highlights on Andritz Group's stand at ITME 2022.

Renaissance Textile, of Laval, France, has successfully started-up a tearing line for use in the recycling of discarded clothing.

A recyclable and biodegradable yarn made from fibres sourced from waste pineapple leaves has been launched by Ananas Anam of London, UK. 

Filaments made from cellulose nanofibres (CNFs) that, unlike conventional plant-based materials, demonstrate high thermal conductivity – meaning that they could be used in place of synthetic materi

Ascend Performance Materials has purchased a majority stake in a recycler of post-consumer waste carpets, Circular Polymers, in order to secure a consistent supply of feedstocks for its ReDefyne po

A mobile near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy system that can be used to identify more than 15 different types of textile, including those made from blends of materials, has been developed by trinamiX