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The global market for products to treat skin ulcers will grow at nearly 10% a year to surpass US$5 billion by 2009, according to a new report from Kalorama Information.
Kimberly-Clark has developed a personal care absorbent article, such as a sanitary pad or napkin or wound dressing, which is said to improve the materials' ability to absorb various blood-containing b
The use of hydrophobic polyurethane foam as a backing material for bandages is described in US Patent 6 884 919 by Johnson & Johnson.
A support bandage for a joint is disclosed in US Patent 6 875 188 by Pang-Ching Chiang of Taipei, Taiwan.
A US inventor claims to have designed a new kind of ghillie suit that is based on a net structure with elongated strips of camouflage material arranged to create a three-dimensional camouflage layer.
The production of thick textile armatures made of superimposed layers of threads secured by a binding thread traversing the layers is the subject of US Patent 6 843 280.
A ballet shoe design that is pleatless and has a nonelastic upper, as well as a toe that is elastic or stretchy and a toe-piece with a small amount of bunched material on its underside is the subject
A bandage for protecting the skin of an infant's stomach surrounding an umbilical cord stump from the irritating effects of medicinal solutions is disclosed in US Patent 6 875 200.
Japan's Toray Industries claims to have developed a process for making imitation leather with a surface of little, oriented fibres that emulates the appearance of nubuck.
Composites for storm protection are the focus of work by DuPont that is described in International Patent WO 03/033252.
Woven fabrics made from yarns of carbon nanotube fibres are the subject of European Patent EP 1 529 857.
A form-fitting, pant-like, absorbent garment that does not result in bagging and wrinkling of the bodyside liner is described in US Patent 6 869 424 by Kimberly-Clark.
Toray Textiles Europe has launched a range of silvercontaining woven fabrics for the UK healthcare market.
Konarka Technologies Inc and Textronics Inc have formed a joint development programme to create prototype garments and fashion accessories with portable,wearable power-generation capabilities.
John McCurry talks to Performance Fibers about recent changes at the company and how its plans to continue to thrive in a fast-changing industry include investment in China,India and the Americas,and
Coated and laminated textiles,warp- and weft-knitted fabrics,composites,and shielding from electromagnetic radiation stimulated discussion at the 5th International Istanbul Textile Conference,reports
Brazil's newly created Sea Police National System (NEPOM) has chosen DSM Dyneema as the preferred supplier to armour its patrol boats.
With its Drimarene HF-CD, Clariant has introduced a range for continuous dyeing of cellulosic fibres, while its new Drimarene Red HF-6BL cdg is a reactive dye with high light fastness.
Fabric suppliers to the automotive industry can now use Clariant's Foron AS-3L dyes to minimize colours change due to light exposure.
In July, Dr Stefan Mecheels celebrated his 10th anniversary as manager of the Hohenstein Institutes in Bonnigheim,Germany.