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Molnlycke Health Care, Regent Medical and Medlock Medical have merged to form a new corporate organization, the Molnlycke Health Care Group.
A method and equipment for making hydroentangled nonwovens is the subject of US Patent 6 842 953.
A skin barrier strip for use in ostomy appliances and wound dressings is described in US Patent 6 919 492 by Hollister.
The first Biodegradable Hygiene Products conference will be held on 13-14 December 2005 at Leatherhead Food International, Leatherhead, Surrey, UK.
A disposable absorbent article with a means for alerting the wearer to the release of liquid body waste,such as urine,has been developed by Kimberly-Clark.
A multi-layer absorbent wound dressing has been developed by 3M.
What appears to be a contradiction in terms is the invention of reusable, launderable water-soluble coveralls by Microtek Medical Holdings Inc.
Albany International Corp claims to have found a simple but effective way of revealing wear in industrial fabrics such as papermaker felts.
A refastenable absorbent product, such as a training pant, is disclosed in US Patent 6 878 223 by Kimberly-Clark.
US Patent 6 913 718 discloses a method developed by Rayonier for the formation of shaped components, such as absorbent cores for use in disposable absorbent articles.
Adding a powder of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) to the fibre-forming substance helps to create solutionspun cellulosics with a number of desirable properties, according to a US company.
Iceland's Hampidjan HE say it has developed a rope that has a high stiffness and higher breaking strength.
A composite fluid distribution and retention layer for use in a disposable absorbent article is described by Kimberly-Clark in US Patent 6 890 622.
Denmark-based Coloplast has introduced Biatain Soft-Hold foam dressing, which will be particularly useful for care-givers applying compression bandages to patients with leg sores or diabetic foot ulce

BBA Group has announced plans to sell its Fiberweb nonwovens operations.

A tufted mat made with an elastomer backing that includes rubber crumbs and a binder is the subject of International Patent WO 03/106760.
Interasa of Sabadell (Barcelona), Spain, has enlarged its range of technical fabrics with the introduction of antimicrobial textiles for the hospital sector.
A stretch fabric material with several medical applications is disclosed in US Patent 6 912 877 by Japanese inventors.
Natureworks LLC - a supplier of commercially available polylactide (PLA) polymers that are derived wholly from annually renewable resources - has begun market development efforts in The People's Repub
Delstar Technologies Inc has established a new manufacturing plant in China.