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A nonwoven that is made from recycled carbon fibre and has an areal density of 60 g.m–2 will be launched by Gen 2 Carbon at JEC World.

A plant for the production of needlepunched nonwovens is to be built in Waco, Texas, USA, by AstenJohnson. 

PFNonwovens has commissioned a line for the production of high-loft, soft and textured nonwovens at its facility in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, USA.

European producer of fabrics for workwear, Klopman International, plans to establish agreements with its customers through which it will receive and recycle their end-of-life garments. 

Heathcoat Fabrics of Tiverton, UK, has been recognised with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for its development of a high-performance parachute fabric

Spacer fabrics that create an effective barrier to even small insects as they try to reach a plant – reducing the need for insecticides – are being developed by researchers at North Carolina State

Avient Corp is to purchase DSM Protective Materials (including the Dyneema brand of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibre products) from Royal DSM for US$1.485 billion. 

A scheme though which used face masks are collected, recycled and the resulting material employed to manufacture such as oil-absorption fabrics has been launched by Grabher.

Manufacturer of reinforcement for composites, Saertex, and supplier of flax fibres, Terre de Lin, have entered into a partnership to produce flax-based non-crimp fabrics for the marine, and sports

An efficient and cost-effective filter that is capable of removing pathogens from drinking water and could be useful for small populations living in remote areas of the world is being developed by

A T-shirt made from a polyethylene (PE) fabric that is transparent to infrared (IR) radiation – thereby keeping its wearer cooler than they would be wearing cotton clothing – has been launched by L

A polyester (PES) staple nanofibre for the reinforcement of rubber products such as tyres, hoses and belts is to be launched by Teijin Frontier Co Ltd of Osaka, Japan.

Teijin Frontier Co Ltd has developed a proprietary system for calculating the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions generated by its processes for the production of polyester (PES) fibres.

Supplier of finishing machinery to the textiles industry, Navis TubeTex, has purchased manufacturer of foam-coating lines, Gaston Systems Inc.

The developers of a process that employs ionic solvents to dissolve wood-based pulp, before converting it to high-quality cellulose fibres, have been recognised with an award. 

Waste carbon fibre from Airbus' manufacturing operations is being used to produce surfboards by Notox of Anglet, France. 

Harmless, natural alternatives to the chemicals typically used to promote adhesion between cords and rubber matrices are being developed by researchers at the German Institutes of Textile and Fiber

A collaborative robot (cobot) that partially automates the draping of textile reinforcements for the production of composites is to be exhibited at JEC World 2022 by the Institut für Texti

The German engineering federation, the Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau (VDMA), reports that 2021 was a positive year for German manufacturers of textile care, fabric and leather technol

The tumble-drying of a load of laundry in a vented system releases the same amount of microfibres into the air as the washing of the load releases into sewage and drainage systems.