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A single-layer antiviral face mask has been launched by Gorilla Protect, which claims the product's surface eliminates more than 99.99% of the 229E strain of human coronavirus (part of the same fam

The Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA) has revealed the three finalists for the Hygienix Innovation Award, which will be presented during the sixth edition of Hygienix

A novel superabsorbent polymer (SAP) demonstrates over 10% higher absorption capacity and over 10% faster absorption speed than existing products, according to its developer, Nippon Shokubai Co Ltd

Baldwin Technology Co Inc of St Louis, Missouri, USA, has successfully installed six of its precision-spray finishing and sanforizing systems. 

NatureWorks is to increase its production capacity for polylactic acid (PLA, Ingeo) by approximately 10% by upgrading its facility in Blair, Nebraska, USA.

Face masks that block 98% of the aerosols emitted by their wearer as they breathe, speak, cough and sneeze are being sold by the Freudenberg Group of Weinheim, Germany. 

A printer that enables businesses to print designs directly on garments has been launched by Ricoh Europe of London, UK. 

Business consultant Frost & Sullivan has lauded Devan Chemicals for its development of a wash-durable antimicrobial finish that can reduce the presence of SARS-Cov-2 on a textile sampl

Nanoval of Berlin, Germany, which is commercialising its unique process for spinning fine continuous filaments, reports that the commissioning of its first production line has been delayed by the h

Masks made from household fabrics – such as those knitted or woven from cotton or blends of polyester (PES) and cotton – effectively block both small and large respiratory droplets that are release

Manufacturer of basalt fibres, Mafic USA, and producer of thermoplastics, The Materials Group, have formed an alliance to increase the use of injection-moulded, basalt fibre-reinforced thermoplasti

An antimicrobial finish developed by Schutzen Chemical Group has been proven to deactivate 99.9% of human coronavirus 229E (a surrogate for SARS-Cov-2, which is responsible for the human c

FibrXL is to start selling partially bio-based ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibre (Dyneema) from Royal DSM.

PrimaLoft Inc and Shanghai Challenge Textile Co Ltd have entered into a global partnership agreement that will see the pair develop performance fabrics from thermally insulating synthetic microfibr

A clinical study that will examine the efficacy and feasibility of Myant’s textile-based monitoring systems for the gathering of medical-grade biometric data from the paediatric population is to be

A production line for the manufacture of fine-fibre meltblown filtration media for face masks and high-efficiency air-filtration systems is to be installed by Lydall at its facility in Saint-Rivala

Developer and manufacturer of additive manufacturing (AM) systems, Stratasys, is working closely with a number of fashion brands to make its photopolymer-based AM technology (PolyJet) commercially

In response to the potential dangers posed by air travel during the human coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic, Asiatic Fiber Corp (AFC) has launched a personal-protective-equipment (PPE) kit for use by

Two self-sanitising fabrics for the production of shop signage have been launched by Ultima Displays of Corby, UK. 

A waterproof and breathable fabric that can be laminated directly to, for instance, the upper materials of shoes has been launched in North America by Altexa Srl and GHS Holdings.