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In its quest to use more carbon fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRPs), Nissan is refining compression resin-transfer moulding (C-RTM) methods that enable it to make components from such composites in u

In response to increasing demand for its products from the hygiene industry, Fibertex Personal Care Group is to invest approximately €33.6 million (DKK250 million) in two production lines—a special

PyroTex Industries of Hamburg, Germany, claims to have produced the first fibre capable of deactivating the strain of coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) responsible for the human coronavirus (covid-

Significant progress is being made by a consortium in the UK, as it works to develop a commercially viable all-composite wheel for electric and niche vehicles, such as driverless cars, last-mile de

Wet-spun carbon-nanotube (CNT) fibres that are stronger than those made from para-aramid and demonstrate an electrical conductivity approaching that of copper are being produced by a team of resear

Producer of multiaxial fabrics for the composites industry, Saertex, is constructing a production site in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. 

McLaren has developed what it claims to be the first part for a Formula One (F1) car to be made from a natural fibre-reinforced plastic.  

A spunlaid line designed to produce highly uniform nonwovens has been installed in Taiwan by Freudenberg Performance Materials of Weinheim, Germany. 

Fiberpartner of Vejle, Denmark, is seeking partners with which to make face masks and other medical nonwovens from biodegradable polyester (PES) staple fibres.

A testing system that can be used to assess the liquid-barrier performance of fabrics for personal protective equipment (PPE) has been launched by SDL Atlas of Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA.

Sandler has inaugurated a new line for the production of nonwoven filter media for face masks at its headquarters in Schwarzenbach/Saale, Germany. 

Standardised methods need to be developed so the impact that microplastics shed by textiles have on the environment can be evaluated reliably.

A system for determining the levels of acoustic insulation provided by parts for automotive interiors has been developed by Autoneum of Winterthur, Switzerland.

Fine, soft and translucent lyocell fibres for the production of nonwovens for the beauty industry have been launched by Lenzing.  

SDL Atlas says that its Vortex M6 is the only commercial-grade washing machine available that has been designed specifically to address the needs of the most recent standards from the American Asso

A jersey that – when combined with a base layer – protects cyclists from abrasion-related injuries should they crash at high speeds has been developed by DSM of Heerlen, The Netherlands, and its pa

Despite restrictions on work and travel imposed in the wake of the human coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Oerlikon Neumag of Neumünster, Germany, has successfully commissioned three lines for the p

An alternative to chromium dyes for the finishing of wool is safe, reliable and delivers consistent results according to its developer, Huntsman Textile Effects of Singapore.

A recently unveiled jacket features numerous elements treated with an antiviral and antimicrobial finish proven effective against the strain of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) responsible for the COVID-19

Ralph Lauren Corp of New York City, USA, has invested in the developer of technology that enables waste cotton to be transformed into fabrics suitable for the production of apparel.