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Permanent antimicrobial coating

A patented coating technology (Textilise) that makes a permanently antimicrobial surface without affecting the properties of the textile is now available, according to the Irish company behind the development.

Mechanically anchored to the textile surface, Textilise coatings can be washed for more than 100 cycles without a reduction in antimicrobial performance.

Mica Nanotech has been based at the Bernal Institute of the University of Limerick for the past eight years. Its founder Dr Patrick Cronin says: “We provide effective antimicrobial surface modification that offers permanent protection against microbes, pesticides and viruses.” He adds that the application of the nanoparticle coating does not require the use of binders or glues and so does not change the colour or alter the performance of the treated textile.

Mechanically anchored to the textile surface, the coating can withstand over 100 wash cycles without a reduction in its antimicrobial effectiveness. It can be applied to any synthetic textile, including polyester (PES), polycotton and cellulose acetate. Further, Textilise does not use expensive silver-based antimicrobial agents, which lose their effectiveness over time.

Nevertheless, Mica Nanotech says Textilise is effective against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Escherichia coli, Candida albicans and Vibrio cholerae within one hour of contact.

Cronin is also a post-doctoral researcher working at the Bernal Institute in the Bio Materials, Process Engineering, Molecular & Nano Materials group.


Dr Patrick Cronin, Mica Nanotech. Tel: +353 (86) 376-5923. Email: [email protected]; http://www.micananotech.com

Bernal Institute of the University of Limerick. https://bernalinstitute.com