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Coating and laminating

A non-contact process that will allow the digital application of polyurethane (PU) to fabrics is to be developed by Alchemie and JSRTEX Group through a UK government-funded project.

A modular line for applying sizings to reinforcement fibres for composites has been installed at the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.

A fluorine-free coating for water-repellent technical fabrics has been launched by Stahl of Waalwijk, The Netherlands.

An updated hotmelt coating and laminating unit for the production of breathable sportswear, rainwear and protective clothing is to be shown by Cavitec at Techtextil.

A unit dedicated to the air-knife coating and knife-over-roller coating of textiles is to be launched by Monforts, of Mönchengladbach, Germany, at Techtextil.

The developer of a co-polymer bonding process that enables it to fuse fabrics and films together to create laminates without using adhesives, Aluula, is to develop products through a research proje

A partially bio-based aliphatic polyester carbonate polyether polyurethane (PU) dispersion for textile coatings has been launched by Covestro of Leverkusen, Germany. 

A chemical-resistant and breathable polyurethane (PU)-coated fabric has been developed for the production of hospital-mattress covers by Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics. 

A jacket that features a metallic, radiant barrier-coated membrane made using aluminium from used coffee capsules has been developed by three companies in Switzerland.

A bio-based coating that can be used to slow the rate at which fabrics made from natural fibres biodegrade, making them more suitable for use in civil engineering applications, is being developed b

A waterproof membrane and an elastic dual-surface knitted fabric made from biobased polyamide (PA) 6.6 (Biolon) have been launched by Polartec of Andover, Massachusetts, USA. 

An artificial leather (Mirum) made from bio-based materials is to be mass-produced by Natural Fiber Welding (NFW) using double-belt press technology provided by IPCO AB. 

A range of strong, durable and lightweight laminates has been developed by Aluula for the production of fabrics for the canopies and sails used in wind sports.  

Sustainable technologies for finishing, and coating and laminating

Suppliers of chemicals and builders of machinery for the finishing, and the coating and laminating of technical textiles will present technologies designed to minimise the environmental impact of manufacturing processes at ITMA (to be held in Milan, Italy, on 8–14 June 2023). James Bakewell picks out some highlights.

Inspired by the fur and skin of polar bears, researchers in the USA are developing a textile that can absorb heat from visible wavelengths of sunlight and suppress the dissipation of body heat. 

A method for converting dyed scrap polyethylene terephthalate (PET) clothing into fire-resistant, antibacterial or wrinkle-preventing coatings that could then be applied to textiles is being develo

A reel-to-reel process for applying interface coatings to the silicon carbide (SiC) fibres used to make reinforcements for ceramic-matrix composites (CMCs) is being developed by a consortium in the

A range of double-belt presses based on steel and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) belts, or combinations of the two, for the manufacture of composites will be shown by IPCO, of Fellbach, Germany, at

A range of fire-retardant, coated polypropylene (PP) fabrics that are free from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are to be showcased at Techtextil North America (TTNA) by Renegade Plastics. 

Methods for the recycling of off-cuts of ultra-high molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fabrics are being developed by Aluula with assistance from the University of British Columbia (UBC). 

Waterproof, breathable three-layer hardshell and softshell laminates made using bio-based materials have been developed for outdoor apparel and workwear by Trans-Textil of Freilassing, Germany. 

A coating that reduces the amount of microfibres that are shed when clothes made of synthetic fabrics are washed is being developed by researchers at the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

For the production of protective workwear, W.L.

Manufacturer of bedding products, Standard Fiber, is to use a silver-based antibacterial (Ionic+) from Noble Biomaterials in its home textiles, following the formation of an exclusive partnership b

A cost-effective and scalable screen-printing process that enables electrodes to be deposited on flexible substrates, such as textiles, is being developed by researchers at Washington State Univers

A method for precisely depositing a durable coating that can detect and neutralise toxic compounds onto fabrics is being developed by researchers at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, USA

3M is to stop manufacturing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and will work to eliminate the use of PFAS in its products by the end of 2025. 

W.L. Gore & Associates is to launch two double-layer laminates (Gore-Tex) featuring a textile (Bionic) made from plastic waste collected from coastal environments. 

A partially bio-based and perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS)-free waterproof membrane has been launched by Polartec of Andover, Massachusetts, USA.  

A wide variety of technologies for the finishing of technical textiles are to be showcased by Monforts at ITMA ASIA + CITME, which takes place in Shanghai, China, on 20–24 November 2022.

Aurora Specialty Textiles successfully navigates supply-chain challenges

Established in 1883, Aurora Specialty Textiles specialises in applying coatings and finishes to textiles. In an interview with John McCurry, Aurora’s President, Marcia Ayala, describes the company’s business philosophy, the challenges posed by the human coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic and her plans for the future. 

Creating functional textiles through finishing, coating and laminating

A wide range of functionalities can be imparted to textiles through the use of finishing, coating and laminating technologies. Editor James Bakewell picks-out some of the highlights from the busy show floor at Techtextil.

In light of recent, sharp increases in the costs of gas and oil, Brückner Textile Technologies of Leonberg, Germany, is to highlight a range of energy-efficient technologies for the finishing of te

New York is moving to ban the sale of clothing containing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) after the passing of a bill in its State Senate and Assembly. 

Supplier of finishing machinery to the textiles industry, Navis TubeTex, has purchased manufacturer of foam-coating lines, Gaston Systems Inc.

Supplier of industrial vacuum-coating equipment, AGC Plasma Technology Solutions, has installed a roll-to-roll pilot line for the coating of textiles at its demonstration centre in Lauenförde, Germ

Finishing and coating technologies for the production of technical textiles are to be highlighted by Monforts, of Mönchengladbach, Germany, at Techtextil North America.

A cost-effective and convenient way to apply a silver-based, clear antimicrobial coating to new and existing textiles is being developed by researchers at the University of Tokyo in Japan. 

An inexpensive, non-toxic antimicrobial coating that can be applied easily to almost any fabric is being developed by researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada.  

Technologies that could enable training shoes to be produced in a more environmentally sustainable way than is currently possible have been demonstrated by partners in Germany and China. 

A coating that can be used to impart antibacterial and antiviral functionality to various types of surfaces, including textiles, has been developed by Nippon Shokubai of Osaka and Tokyo, Japan, and

LifeLabs of Sunnyvale, California, USA, has launched what it claims to be the world's warmest jacket. 

A partially bio-based version of a waterproof and breathable fabric that can be laminated directly to, for instance, the upper materials of shoes has been launched by Altexa Srl and GHS Holdings. 

A metallic coating that adheres well to fabrics – including those used to produce face masks – and eradicates 99% of several common pathogens on its surface within five minutes of exposure has been

An expanded-polyethylene (ePE) film is now part of the range of the Fabrics Division of W. L. Gore & Associates.

Distributor of speciality chemicals, IMCD NV, has signed an agreement to acquire Aquatech Speciality (Shanghai) International Trading Co Ltd and Aquatech Speciality (Guangzhou) Trading Co Ltd in Ch

A waterborne coating that completely inactivates SARS Cov-2 – the virus responsible for the human coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic – and could be applied to face masks has been developed by

A metallic, radiant barrier coating for textiles from HeiQ of Zurich, Switzerland, is being used for the production of gloves and mitts for the first time.  

The viability of a dry powder-impregnation process for enhancing the properties of filter media is being explored by its developer, Fibroline of Ecully, France. 

Developer of bio-based antimicrobial coatings for textiles, NordShield of Espoo, Finland, has secured investments totalling more than €4.2 million in its latest financing round, which concluded on