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Karl Mayer's digital technologies company KM.ON is establishing subsidiaries in mainland China and Hong Kong.

Air filtration media that is claimed to have high initial efficiency with improved durability, fire retardancy, antimicrobial activity and moisture resistance are disclosed by Georgia-Pacific Nonwo

Spinning mill Filidea and its automotive components and technical apparel partner Sparco, both based in Piedmont, Italy, have worked with Team McLaren Honda F1 in the development of what is claimed

The ability to capture data in real time as fibres form can make electrospinning techniques more affordable and effective, according to the US Department of Energy (DoE)’s Argonne National Laborato

Polyester (PES) fabrics that are both biodegradable and recyclable have been launched for the commercial interiors market by Duvaltex of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

Additive manufacturing (AM) start start-up Arris Composites has secured US$10 million in funding to develop a process that it says will “address the scalability problem of AM and the steep costs an

Recyclable and compostable ready-meal packaging made from cellulose fibres has been adopted by a UK supermarket as it looks to stop using polyethylene terephthalate (PET) versions.

Fibres spun from lunar rocks could help attempts to colonize the Moon by providing the basis of reinforcements for structures made using raw materials that do not need transportation from Earth.

A soft, stretchable patch that can cool or warm the skin of its wearer, and maintain the temperature of the skin as that of the surrounding environment changes, has been developed by researchers at

A patented coating technology (Textilise) that makes a permanently antimicrobial surface without affecting the properties of the textile is now available, according to the Irish company behind the

A company specializing in electrospinning equipment to make fibre-based medical materials claims its latest unit (MediSpin XL) can reproducibly and continuously manufacture, on an industrial scale,

The series manufacture of smart textile products was demonstrated during the Techtextil/Texprocess exhibition, held in Frankfurt, Germany, on 14–17 May 2019, where a microfactory could be

A highly flexible, textile-based lithium battery with a high capacity for storing energy has been developed by researchers in Hong Kong, China.

A recyclable and lightweight carbon fibre-reinforced thermoplastic (CFTRP) spaceframe for passenger rail carriages has been developed in the UK.

A water-based binder (Appretan NTR) for textile coatings that is made in part of raw materials from natural renewable resources has been developed by Archroma of Reinach, Switzerland.

Plants for the production of engineering plastics and thermoplastic polyurethanes will be the first to be built at BASF’s US$10-billion chemical production site in Zhanjiang, China, according to th

A  medium-wave infra-red (IR) heating system from Heraeus Noblelight is being used in the research and development of methods for the manufacture of composite parts from thermoplastics at the UK’s

Lenzing is to use the cryptography system blockchain to ensure that the origins of, and processes carried out upon, its lyocell fibres (Tencel) can be determined easily by its customers and consume

As one of Europe’s biggest suppliers of automotive components, with sales of €78.5 billion in 2018, Robert Bosch is actively involved in many projects with Germany’s research institutes.

Luxury goods manufacturer Louis Vuitton has been attracting a lot of attention with two monogram handbags with built-in flexible active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) screens, which i