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In response to increasing demand for its products, Fibertex Nonwovens of Aalborg, Denmark, has announced that it is investing approximately €40.4 million (DKK300 million) to increase its production

As it looks expand its operations in the polymer-processing market, Oerlikon has signed an agreement to acquire the developer of hot runner systems (which convey molten plastic into the cavities of

A system for the collection and chemical recycling of used polyester (PES) textiles is to be established by three companies in Japan. 

With a global market worth US$51 862 million in 2021, the nonwovens industry faired reasonably well during the human coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic, supplying critical products such as face masks

Nonwovens could soon be manufactured from biodegradable polyolefins through a partnership between Polymateria Global, Avgol and Indorama Ventures.

The developer of technology that enables the recycling of cotton-rich textile waste and other pulp-based materials – such as used cardboard, rice and wheat straw – into cellulosic fibres with the n

The Institute for Textile Technology (ITA) at RWTH Aachen University in Germany is to work with consultant, AMAC GmbH, also of Aachen, to strengthen and develop its composites-related business.

Amarande SAS is to use an elliptical cylinder pre-needler supplied by Andritz Group to produce heavy felts from shoddy and natural fibres.

A range of polyurethanes (PUs) that are produced using feedstocks derived from carbon dioxide (CO2) captured from industrial processes has been developed by Stahl of Waalwijk, The Nether

The development of a database of mechanical properties that could be used to certify the suitability of though-thickness reinforced composite sandwich panels for aerospace applications is proposed

A general-purpose face mask (Work Week) made from a bicomponent spunbond (Captur) has been launched by Aries of Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

A fibre-based implant (called OccluTex) that reduces the risks associated with the treatment of brain aneurysms is being developed by the RWTH Aachen University Clinic in Germany.

A self-sanitising glove designed to help prevent viruses and bacteria being transmitted through touch has been launched by uvex Safety Ltd of Farnham, UK.

Annabel of Ghent, Belgium, is now using a halogen-free coating to render its textiles for use in furniture flame-retardant.

The Albaad Group of Massuot Yitzhak, Israel, is investing around €50 million in a line for the production of biodegradable nonwovens from natural fibres—for use in flushable wipes for a variety of

The European Smart Textiles Accelerator, SmartX Europe(1), is to provide a little over €1 million to fund the development of ten new

In what it claims to be a world-first, Teijin Frontier of Osaka, Japan, has developed polymer-control and spinning technologies that enable the mass-production of nanofibres from recycled polyester

Textile-based sensors that can be used to monitor strain and pressure simultaneously, and can be sewn into the fabric of clothing for athletes are being developed by researchers at Qingdao Universi

A waterproof fabric for the production of awnings has been rendered flame-retardant through the application of a transparent, halogen-free polyurethane (PU) coating.

A jacquard weaving technology that enables the production of continuous fabrics with multiple zones of different appearance and functionality has been unveiled by Texon of Saltburn-by-the-Sea, UK.