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In the first part of a conference held at the prestigious Royal Society in London,UK, speakers reported on the very latest technologies being used and developed in the textiles field.Ian Holme repo

Dow Corning predicts that new high-technology finishing technologies are about to enhance the quality of life beyond stain resistance and wrinkle reduction.

Swiss Company Schoeller is launching the first fabric based on natural fibres treated with its self-cleaning finishing technology NanoSphere(r).

In the presence of European Union's (EU's) Research Commissioner Janez Potocnik, the European textile and clothing industry, represented by the European Apparel and Textile Organisation (Euratex) l

The European Association for Textile Polyolefins (EATP) has announced the dates, venue and theme for its 2005 Executive Seminar.

A printing technique capable of producing retroflective fabrics is described in European Patent EP 1 431 449.

US Patent 6 754 918 is for the design of an insulation system for use in such as sleeping bags.

US Patent 6 649 547 describes a sandwich laminate filter medium developed by Kimberly-Clark International Inc.

An Austrian company has a fabric that, it says, is particularly suitable providing pockets in curtains.

A textile designed for use as the outer shell of a firefighter's garment is the focus of International Patent WO 03/016604.

An Israeli inventor,Akiva Pinto of Jerusalem, claims to have invented a better way of forming fibre webs.

In US Patent 6 684 618,DuPont describes polyester carpets with excellent stain-resistance, texture retention and resistance to crushing.

A warp-knitted fabric intended for use as a shading net is the subject of US Patent 6 745 599.

A method of making antibacterial nonwoven fabrics for use in lightweight healthcare textiles is disclosed in US Patent 6 780 799 by Poly-Med.

Harbor Healthcare Inc of Gibbsboro,New Jersey, USA, has patented a system for producing weft-knitted blankets with over-fed loop yarns.

A new report by the European Association for Textile Polyolefins (EATP) says that polyolefins (polypropylene and polyethylene) are now the leading polymers used for textiles in Europe.

Procter & Gamble has developed a process for forming an activated carbon fibre filter for removing contaminants such as viruses from liquids.

The 2nd International Technical Textiles Congress, organized by Izmir Dokuz Eylul University Textile Engineering Department, will be held at Istanbul World Trade Center Exhibition Complex on 13-15

Kimberly-Clark has developed disposable absorbent dressings with skin health treatment additives for the treatment and prevention of Stage I-IV partial and full thickness pressure wounds.

Phil Owen visited Danley Engineering Services where he learnt how the company had adapted its expertise in carpet tufting to help develop two novel production methods for technical products: a geot