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A wound dressing said to be impervious to chemical and biological agents is outlined in US Patent 6 787 680 by inventors from Buckhannon,West Virginia, USA.

US Patent 6 749 921 discloses a wood reinforced with a fibre-reinforced thermoplastic, adding that the resin used offers a number of advantages in this application when compared with existing compo

A scented adhesive bandage claimed to improve a child's mood or emotional discomfort has been developed by Joy Cantor of West Bloomfield, Michigan,USA.

USA's Polymer Group Inc (PGI) says it has found a way to transfer an image or pattern to a pre-coloured fibrous component of a woven fabric by means of a hydraulic treatment.

A nonwoven made of a combination of fluoropolymer and, say,aramid flocs is the subject on International Patent WO 03/010385.

Coloplast has developed a support garment for the treatment of hernias.

The Procter & Gamble Co of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, describes its latest developments with multi-layer wipes in International Patent WO 03/011585.

US Patent 6 780 489 describes a pad for absorbing motor fluids, especially those leaking from a motor or engine.

An apparatus for needling fancy yarns by the needlinginduced extraction of fibre loops from a structure without endangering the yarn guidance on the surface of the stitch base is described in US Pa

A low-friction sheath that facilitates the donning and wearing of a prosthesis on a residual limb is described by Knit-Rite in US Patent 6 790 238.

Panaz has extended its range of flame-retardant upholstery fabrics for the healthcare sector with the introduction of Panvelle Stretch and Vyflex.

Dow Corning has developed a new range of highperformance materials using silicone technology to add antimicrobial and aroma-therapeutic properties to fabrics.

DuPont has developed a weather-resistant building material intended to offer protection from wind-blown debris such as may be encountered in a tornado.

A fibre-reinforced, polymeric implant material for use in tissue engineering is disclosed in US Patent 6 783 712 by OsteoBiologics.

A non-adhesive antiseptic compress used to promote the healing of highly exudative, infected skin wounds or wounds susceptible to infection is described in US Patent 6 794 555 by Laboratoires d'Hyg

Kimberly-Clark has designed pants-like disposable absorbent garments suitable for use in low-capacity, late-stage toilet training.

A technique for revealing when an industrial fabric, such as those used in papermaking, has reached the end of its useful life has been found.

Micromuscle AB of Linkoping,Sweden, has developed microactuators based on a bi-layer polymer and a carrier substrate.

Biodegradable polymers are niche market materials that have the potential to provide a solution to a range of environmental concerns, such as decreasing availability of landfill space and declining

A conference on Opportunities and Markets for Medical Textiles and Biomedical Polymer Materials will be held at the Westin Poinsett Hotel,Greenville, South Carolina, USA, on 23-24 March 2005.