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A fabric in which the joining of the warp and weft threads is improved without the need for additional fixing threads is the subject of US Patent 6 706 376.
A braided arterial prostheses made using polyester and polyurethane yarns is disclosed by Latvian researchers in US Patent 6 709 467.
Biopharmaceutical research and development company Alltracel Pharmaceuticals, which specializes in medical devices and compounds, has announced the launch by a "leading medical device company" of an m
A flame-resistant fabric made with acrylic-based chenille yarns is the subject of European Patent EP 1 369 509.
Smith & Nephew's Endoscopy division has launched Ultrabraid, a high-strength polyethylene suture for attaching soft tissue to bone.
Invista's Personal Care segment is expanding beyond the hygiene sector and is now marketing its range of branded products to the medical textiles industry.
A winding head for a cheese-producing textile machine is the subject of US Patent 6 702 223.
International Patent WO 02/075041 describes a system for making the grinding elements used to de-fibre wood.
A process for producing a coated braided suture with improved knot strength is disclosed by Ethicon in US Patent 6 712 838.
A fibrous absorbent article, such as a tampon, for absorbing body fluids is disclosed by Playtex Products.
A process for applying microcapsules to textiles that results in a more thorough and even penetration, as well as an increased adherence, is disclosed by USA's Sara Lee Corp.The company from Winston-S
With a production of 280 000 tonnes in 2003, medical textiles is one of the fastest developing technical textile markets in China.
Three US inventors claim they have found a way to make multi-layered braid on a machine without any winding between the layers.
Absorbent articles that feature an extensible back waist are described in US Patent 6 706 028 by Procter & Gamble.
The Flushaway range of flushable and biodegradable panty liners and sanitary napkins developed by Canadian firm Consolidated Ecoprogress Technology is being piloted at a "major US retailer" in more th
A transparent film dressing for wounds and intravenous catheter sites is disclosed in US Patent 6 706 940 by George Medical of Wheaton, Illinois, USA.
A simple method for making blankets with a high pile density is the subject of US Patent 6 647 601.
Gosta Wiking will resign as Chairman of Swedish-based surgical procedure and wound care product manufacturer Molnlycke Health Care in May 2005.
Polymer Group Inc (PGI) has developed a multi-layered nonwoven with barrier properties.
A German company claims to have found a way to create special false-twist spiral filaments.