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The European Disposable and Nonwovens Association (EDANA) is holding a pioneering conference on advanced infection prevention using solutions provided by medical nonwovens.
A pre-fastened disposable absorbent article with childresistant refastenable seams is disclosed by Kimberly-Clark in US Patent 6 905 488.
Small, closed cells introduced in polymers structures scatter light and result in an enhanced whitening effect and, to a degree, greater opacity, according to US Patent 6 846 562.
Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics Canada Ltd has developed a knitted insect screen.
A Swiss inventor has found a process for creating ionpermeable and electrically conductive flat materials that are suitable for use in fuel cells.
Licebusters International R&D Ltd from Australia has developed an insect-repellent substrate for headwear.
Dow Global Technologies Inc has developed a monofilament plastic fibre that the US company claims is useful in reducing the cracking in reinforced concrete that is associated with plastic shrinkage.
A method and equipment for making a cut and loop pile tufted material is the result of development at Card-Monroe Corp, USA.
Based on a variation of bicomponent fibres, Teijin Monofilament Germany GmbH has developed a novel, electrically conductive monofilament.
A Japanese inventor has developed socks that protect the instep or Achilles tendon during walking or exercising.
A novel design of sinker intended for circular knitting machines making pile fabrics is the subject of European Patent 1 559 819.
A latch needle design that is said to be less liable to soiling is the subject of US Patent 6 931 890.
A hydroentangled nonwoven in which the entanglement is greater on the outer surface than the inner is the subject of US Patent 6 852 654, assigned to the Polymer Group Inc.
Following on from earlier reports, Royal Ten Cate announces that the Polyfelt acquisition process has been formally completed, making the takeover a reality (see also, Technical Textiles International
DSM is to invest several tens of millions of dollars in another new production line for its highperformance polyethylene fibre Dyneema(r) fibre in Greenville, North Carolina, USA.
DSM Dyneema, the inventor and manufacturer of the strong ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) Dyneema(r), has filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against Hangzhou Pivot International Co Lt
The current management and a leading Swiss private equity firm Capvis will succeed Charles Peter as owner of textile machine company Benninger Textile Systems.
On page 62 of our Buyer's Guide (Technical Textiles International, October/November 2005, the contact details for Cavitec/ Santex are incorrect.
DUPONT IS increasing its supply capacity for the para-aramid (p-aramid) fibre Kevlar(r) by investing at its existing production site in Maydown, Northern Ireland, UK.
Diolen Industrial Fibres is again investing in modernizing the machinery and expanding the capacity of its production facility in Emmen, The Netherlands.