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While presenting the Society of Chemical Industry’s prestigious Ivan Levinstein Memorial Lecture, Richard Horrocks surveyed the development and use of textiles in fire protection. Ian Holme listened to what he had to say and reports for Technical Textiles International.

On behalf of Technical Textiles International, John McCurry conducted an exclusive interview with Kraig Biocraft, a company exploiting genetic engineering in its bid to produce spider silk on a full-scale commercial basis.

Skip Gehring, the third generation to preside over his family’s textile company, talked exclusively to John McCurry about the reasons for its ongoing success. Hard work, an ability to adapt to change, continual investment, and a research and development (R&D) programme that is stimulating growth in sales were among the topics discussed.

Industrialists joined with researchers at a two-day event to discuss the latest technologies and issues relating to the digital printing and finishing of textiles. Ian Holme joined them to report for Technical Textiles International.

A survey of recent patents related to nanofibres and filtration allows Adrian Wilson to share some insights into research trends among major US and European manufacturers aiming to create improved filter media.

What are high-performance applications for nonwovens and why are they proliferating? From this vast array of opportunities, how can manufacturers choose the right market for their business? Adrian Wilson describes a unique event that will provide the answers.

Innovations abound throughout the fibre processing chain and increasingly developments are targeting technical textiles, writes Nick Butler.

Nick Butler selects the highlights from those exhibiting finishing machinery at ITMA Asia + CITME 2016.

Increasingly Asian manufacturers are turning to technical textiles and, while the principal focus of many attending ITMA Asia remains the traditional sectors of the industry, Nick Butler has still found plenty to interest those operating in performance markets.

More and more, nonwoven manufacturers are looking to make fabrics for technical applications and machinery builders are responding by developing equipment to meet their specific needs. Nick Butler reviews those about to be exhibited in Shanghai.