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Strategies adopted by the Belarus government and the plans of some of the country’s leading manufacturers of technical textiles reveal a determination to increase production capacity and develop innovative products in order to boost exports, reports Eugene Gerden.

A cellulose nanofibre (CNF)-reinforced composite-intensive car was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, which took place on 24 October–4 November 2019 at the Big Sight exhibition centre in Japan’s capital. Adrian Wilson reports.

Following the political and financial turbulence of recent times, Ukraine’s new government wants to create an economic climate fit to revive its technical textiles industry and attract investment from Western businesses, reports Eugene Gerden.

Textiles remain at the forefront of the ongoing global race to protect military personnel from existing and emerging threats, particularly smart textiles, and particularly in the USA, according to Sarah Gibbons.

Once again, ITMA (held most recently in Barcelona, Spain, on 20–26 June 2019) revealed the key trends among machinery builders—the use of advanced sensors and robotics, machines designed to make composite reinforcements and lines to process recycled textile waste will now shape the future of the textile manufacturing industry, according to Adrian Wilson.

Carrington Textiles specialises in the development of fabrics and finishes that provide protection and comfort in demanding workplaces. Quality Assurance Manager Sean Moore describes the company’s approach to making sure its products are fit for purpose.

Society has a duty to protect those that protect us. Fortunately, there is now a wide range of high-performance personal protective equipment available to do so effectively. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of one of the world’s leading suppliers, PPSS Group of Wetherby, UK, Robert Kaiser offers his opinions on slash-resistant clothing.

A range of inherently flame-retardant fibres are employed in fabrics for shielding workers from arc flashes, one of the most dangerous, complicated and demanding of applications in the safety and protection sector, according to Adrian Wilson.

The oil and gas exploration industry is a rich market for protective textiles and garments. Sarah Gibbons reviews some of the latest product developments, introduces the companies behind them and discusses the factors driving growth in the sector.

Mount Vernon FR’s massive manufacturing complex in the northwest corner of Georgia, USA, has become one of the leading suppliers of flame-retardant fabrics over the past decade, recently driven by the rapid growth in North America’s energy exploration sector, reports John McCurry.