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Printed textiles

A biodegradable tension fabric for dye sublimation printing has been launched by K&R Solutions, of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, for advertising signage in airports.

A silicone ink that can be used for printing on synthetic and cotton fabrics, and particularly those that are highly elastic, has been launched by Dow of Midland, Michigan, USA. 

Aurora Specialty Textiles successfully navigates supply-chain challenges

Established in 1883, Aurora Specialty Textiles specialises in applying coatings and finishes to textiles. In an interview with John McCurry, Aurora’s President, Marcia Ayala, describes the company’s business philosophy, the challenges posed by the human coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic and her plans for the future. 

Avient Corp has acquired UK-based manufacturer of sustainable, water-based inks for the screen-printing of textiles, Magna Colours Ltd, for US$48 million. 

Learning how to print sensors onto stretchable substrates

Spanish researchers have been investigating how to select the best substrates, inks and deposition methods, as well as optimal designs in order to exploit the printing of sensors onto textiles. They report their preliminary findings for Technical Textiles International.

To address concerns about the impact on the environment of existing materials used for commercial graphics, Cooley Group has developed a range of fabricbased substrates for the large-format printing o
A pre-treatment agent to facilitate the ink-jet printing of textiles with acid dyes is the subject of European Patent EP 1 835 069.