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The Karl Mayer Group, of Obertshausen, Germany, claims to have recorded "an important victory" in its fight against product piracy in China.

FREE CONTENT: Maximizing the potential of cooperation while minimizing its risks

In an age where industrial, even cross-sector, collaboration is creating significant opportunities for businesses, Darren Mitchell, a specialist patent attorney for the law firm Potter Clarkson, offers advice to would-be participants on how to protect their assets and avoid subsequent court battles while negotiating partnership deals.

FREE CONTENT: Weaving intellectual property management throughout a business

Deborah Maxwell, Associate Patent Attorney at Potter Clarkson, explains the key components of an effective strategy for intellectual property, outlines a four-step process for developing such an approach and addresses how to keep it up to date as a business evolves. 

FREE CONTENT: Protecting cutting-edge ideas and maximizing their benefits

Associate Patent Attorney Deborah Maxwell believes that many businesses undervalue their intellectual property and makes a case for why they should pay more attention to protecting these most valuable assets.

DSM Dyneema says its latest victory in the patent courts demonstrates its determination to defend its intellectua