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Industrial textiles

Aurora Specialty Textiles successfully navigates supply-chain challenges

Established in 1883, Aurora Specialty Textiles specialises in applying coatings and finishes to textiles. In an interview with John McCurry, Aurora’s President, Marcia Ayala, describes the company’s business philosophy, the challenges posed by the human coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic and her plans for the future. 

Energy sector provides a timely boost for Mount Vernon FR

Mount Vernon FR’s massive manufacturing complex in the northwest corner of Georgia, USA, has become one of the leading suppliers of flame-retardant fabrics over the past decade, recently driven by the rapid growth in North America’s energy exploration sector, reports John McCurry.

Perlon, a supplier of synthetic filaments, says it is on track to complete its investments in its manufacturing capacities in Germany, the USA and China.

A conveyor belt with improved tear resistance at both end portions in the width direction of the belt is disclosed by Yokohama Rubber.

A polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT) fibre with a bulky three-dimensional (3D) structure has been developed in Japan for manufacturers wanting to make lightweight fabrics and materials with a hig

Xerium Technologies Inc has introduced a range of fabrics designed for use with through-air-driers in the tissue manufacturing industry.

Chains based on webbings made from strong ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibres are set to replace iron and steel chains for the transportation of heavy loads by road and sea.
A UK company has begun to sell a polycrystalline wool fibre (Alphawool) for use above 1300degC.
A blanket made of fumed silica is being promoted as a thin, flexible, hydrophobic, microporous insulation for pipes and other equipment used in hightemperature environments.
A foam-coated textile in widths of up to 5 m is now available from HeyTex Group of Bramsche, Germany, for use as a substrate for large-format digital printing.
A Portuguese company is to launch a range of digital printers for textiles at the forthcoming FESPA exhibition, in London, UK.