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Absorbent diaper pants for children that include a therapeutic orthopaedic pad have been developed by Zdenek Moravek of Jaromer, Czech Republic.
A method of making foamed and fibrillated products has been invented by USA's 3M Innovative Properties Co.
To address market demand and new textile applications in surgery and medicine, Medical Textiles 2004 will be held at the David L.
A treatment to eliminate body odours has been developed in Canada by Stafford Textiles Ltd.
A fibrous structure designed to retain warmth is the subject of European Patent EP 1 260 355 from Toray Industries Inc of Tokyo, Japan.
A gel-type adhesive composite bandage for treating fungus-infected or discoloured toenails, or for general wound treatment, has been developed by Southwest Technologies (US Patent 6 592 889).
Bonar Technical Fabrics of Zele, Belgium, has invented a type of screening with an adjustable effectiveness.
DuPont has patented a system for forming a fabric (US Patent 6 579 815).
Belgium-based Picanol has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Vietnam's 8 March Textile Co regarding an investment programme for 150 weaving machines.
A compression bandage that can be adequately tightened over a bleeding wound is described in US Patent 6 593 508 by Robert Harder of Bena, Virginia, USA.
Playtex Products has launched Beyond tampons to the US retail trade and will begin shipping the product in the first quarter of 2004.
An International Patent (WO 01/06054) assigned to Avant-Garb LLC (now Nano-Tex) of Emeryville, California, USA, describes a system that is based on using nanoparticles to apply permanent finishes to v
An absorbent article for use in sanitary protection, hygiene and bandage applications has been developed by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products.
A wearable article that incorporates a spacer to maintain a void space is disclosed by Procter & Gamble.
The US National Science Foundation (NSF) says it has discovered an incredibly simple way of reducing the threat of cholera.
An Austrian company, Borealis GmbH of Schwechat-Mannsworth, has found a way of making strong polyolefin fibres without post-stretching.
A US bankruptcy judge has ruled in favour of the bankruptcy estate of Paragon Trade Brands in its indemnity action against Weyerhaeuser.
Demand for nonwoven roll goods in the USA is expected to increase 3.9% a year to reach $4.9 billion in 2007, according to the latest survey.
Ossur has developed an elasticized sleeve suitable for orthotic or prosthetic applications.
A sock-type compressive orthosis for treating circulatory diseases of the lower limbs is disclosed in US Patent 6 572 574 by Innothera Topic International.