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US Patent 6 453 789 discloses an improved drive system for braiding machines.

International Newsletters is preparing a major new report - Medical and Hygiene Textiles: Initiatives for Growth.

A Spanish company has developed a kind of needlepunched fabric that it believes will be suitable for automobile carpet, and for lining the trunk or boot and wheel arches of vehicles.

EDANA, the European trade association for the nonwovens and hygiene products industries, has announced the programme for Outlook 2003, the second hygiene conference to be held in Monaco from 8-10 O

Rhodia Technical Fibers will begin production of high-tenacity polyamide 6.6 yarns for the airbag market.

Geoff Fisher visited Paris to find out what the French textile machinery manufacturer's association and its members think about the prospects for the technical textiles markets in the run-up to ITM

Yorkshire Forward of Leeds, UK, is supporting a system for the decortication of flax.

Innothera Topic International has developed a method and device for pulling a tubular compressive orthotic device on to a limb.

Milliken & Co has devised a laminate for absorbing sounds in motor vehicles.

A relatively simple and inexpensive composite designed for reinforcing bituminous roofing is the subject of US Patent 6 524 980.

A European consortium has developed types of reusable surgical barrier fabrics based on trilaminates.

Lurapret(r) is the name of the latest product range for textile coating from BASF.

Shape-memory materials are being used in medical textiles for their temperature adaptive moisture management features, says Dr Barbara Pause of Textile Testing & Innovation, Longmont, Colorado,

BBA Filtration has extended its range of filter media with the addition of Reemay X-TremeTM.

A heating element for seats is the subject of US Patent 6 531 687.

BBA Nonwovens Simpsonville Inc has devised a way of making waterproof covers that are also stable against ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given market clearance for the Matrix Collagen Particles wound dressing from Collagen Matrix.

Following US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance in 2002 for its adult-size LifeShirt system, VivoMetrics has introduced a paediatric version for children aged 5-17 years.

A polyolefin resin-based nonwoven fabric for the production of sanitary articles, such as disposable diapers, is disclosed by Japanese roll-goods producer Idemitsu Unitech in European Patent 1 275

EXO overmoulding system is a technology that allows the use of real fabrics and leathers in the casings of portable electronic devices, according to developer Inclosia Solutions.