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A bandage for the ankle joint is described in US Patent 6 617 485 by Beiersdorf.

German dyestuffs manufacturer DyStar Textilfarben GmbH & Co has created a range of dyestuffs specifically for nylon fibre.

Developed by ILC Dover Inc, an arrangement for fastening a fabric to a metal is the subject of US Patent 6 612 360.

Canadian researchers have patented a method of making structural composite members based on hemp.

A fibrous absorbent structure that is wet stable is described in US Patent 6 603 054 by Kimberly-Clark.

Ulcers treated with Oasis Wound Matrix may be more likely to heal, according to the results of two studies presented at a recent clinical symposium held in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

A subsidiary of American Israeli Paper Mills is facing a class action suit for allegedly misleading Israeli consumers about the number of diapers in a package.

The Na Homolce Hospital in Prague, Czech Republic, is the new owner of the VUP textile institute, which produces vascular prostheses and knitwear.

The impression given by the latest study from International Newsletters Ltd - Medical and Hygiene Textiles: Initiatives for Growth - is of a far-reaching sector in a state of constant flux.

Japan's Toyo Boseki KK has made strong high molecular weight polyethylene fibres for industrial ropes.

A weaving technique that produces fabrics with variable widths is the invention of Germany's Alexander Buesgen.

USA's Johns Manville International Inc claims a nonwoven it has invented resists burn-through.

A surgical cast venting device is disclosed in US Patent 6 616 622 by Alessandro Barberio of North York, Ontario, Canada.

Accantia, the UK-based maker of health and beauty products and feminine hygiene items, has secured the backing of a new investor.

With the massive expansion of airfreight there has come a demand for nets that are used to cover cargo and hold it firmly during flight.

Textile research institute, Textilforschungsinstitut Thuringen-Vogtland (TITV) of Greiz, Germany, has developed a number of products for pressure relief and prevention.

Biomedical company TEI Biosciences of South Boston, Massachusetts, USA, has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market DressSkin in the USA.

Nonwovens producer Polymer Group (PGI) is to install a Reifenhauser spunmelt line at a new facility near Shanghai, China.

A multilayer compression stocking or bandage system has been developed by Carolon.

Genencor International has invented an enzyme that modifies the surface properties of polyester.