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A unit for the thermal recycling of waste glass fibres has been installed by Johns Manville (JM) at its Engineered Products plant in Trnava, Slovakia.

Turkish manufacturer Lotus Teknik AŞ has ordered a wetlaid/hydroentaglement (wetlace) line, for the production of biodegradable, plastic-free wet wipes, from the Andritz Group.

The biggest issues facing the North American nonwovens industry are to be addressed in three one-hour webinars organised by the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA) of Cary, North Ca

A platform designed to encourage the exchange of ideas and enable the testing of new technologies has been established by Karl Mayer of Obertshausen, Germany.

If the USA is to be self-sufficient in terms of its manufacture of personal protective equipment (PPE), the US government must develop policies that incentivise the long-term investment needed and

A total of US$650 000 in funding will be awarded to companies working to solve the problem of plastic microfibres being shed by synthetic textiles through a competition organised by Conservation X

A joint venture (JV) that will develop and sell apparel made from spider-silk fibres has been established by Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc and MtheMovement.

A device that enables the haptic properties of coated and uncoated textiles to be measured objectively is to be presented at the World Congress on Textile Coating (WCTC)

A bandage that that can detect the presence of infections in a wound and monitor its condition has been developed by researchers at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, USA.

A range of ballistic body panels made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibres is – for its level of performance – the thinnest and lightest currently available, say its US dev

PrimaLoft Inc is increasing the post-consumer recycled (PCR) content of its range of aerogel-enhanced, thermally insulating fibres (Cross Core Series).


A robot that can mimic coughing, sneezing and breathing is being used by researchers in Finland to determine the effectiveness of face masks and air-purification systems, and to verify the accuracy

A line for the coating of bi-elastic knitted fabrics (which stretch in both warp and weft directions) has been developed by German textile machinery manufacturer Brückner Textile Technologies GmbH

A scheme through which used personal protective equipment (PPE) such as disposable face masks can be recycled into durable plastic boards is being trialled in the UK using waste from the Royal Corn

A high-tenacity lyocell fibre made from cellulose derived from industrial organic and agricultural waste has been developed by Nanollose Ltd and Grasim Industries Ltd. 


An instrument that can accurately and repeatably measure the energy transferred by flame through a sample of fabric has been launched by Thermetrics of Seattle, Washington, USA.

Romanian company Minet SA is to produce nonwovens for the hygiene market for the first time using a hydroentanglement (spunlace) line from Andritz Group. 

A viscose fibre embedded with minerals that convert body heat into infra-red (IR) radiation has been launched by Hologenix and Kelheim Fibres. 

Johns Manville (JM) has completed the first phase of work to increase production of glass-fibre pipe insulation at its plant in Defiance, Ohio, USA.

A short course introducing the technical aspects of the web-forming processes used for the production of meltblown and spunbond nonwovens – used for the manufacture of such as face masks – has been