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Gleistein Ropes has announced that it will use DSM's partially bio-based ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE, Dyneema), in place of the conventional version, in all of its ropes. 

A cooperation agreement through which Andritz Group will assist Infinited Fiber Co (IFC) in the development of its technology for the recycling of cellulose-rich waste has been signed by the two co

Innovatec is using a newly commissioned meltblowing line from Oerlikon Nonwoven to produce polypropylene (PP) filter media for use in face masks. 

An adhesive that allows manufacturers of disposable hygiene products to switch confidently from synthetic to natural substrates, such as those made from cotton, has been launched by H.B.

An initiative to accelerate the development of technologies, processes and materials for the sustainable production of recyclable composite wind-turbine blades has been launched in the UK by the Na

A deodorising finish for application to everyday apparel, bedding and workwear has been launched by Toray of Tokyo, Japan. 

The partners on a project to develop methods for the production of  hybrid, load-bearing suspension components for Ford's Transit van have been recognised with an award for design at the Compos

BB Engineering GmbH (BBE) of Remscheid, Germany, reports the success of a pre-treatment system it has developed that enables homogeneous melts with consistent viscosities to be produced from post-c

Sandler of Schwarzenbach/Saale, Germany, has welcomed a number of new partners to an initiative it has helped to set-up for the production of face masks.  

A way to electrospin piezoelectric polyamide (PA) nanofibres that could generate electricity from body movement is being developed by a trio of institutions in Europe. 

A multitude of functional inks that could be used to create smart bandages are to be developed through a multi-million-Euro project led by the University of Southampton in the UK. 

A partially bio-based reactive polyurethane (PU) hot-melt adhesive for textile laminating has been launched by Jowat of Detmold, Germany.

A silver-ion based antimicrobial additive has been proven effective against the SARS-Cov-2 virus responsible for the human coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic when applied to both porous and n

An aluminium-coated multifilament yarn that could be used to shield parts in cars, mobile telephones and buildings from electromagnetic interference (EMI) has been unveiled by FibreCoat of Aachen,

A re-usable, medical-grade face mask that will fit all people regardless of their age, sex and ethnicity has been developed by a trio of partners in the UK.   

North Carolina State University (NCSU)’s Nonwovens Institute (NWI) has been awarded a grant of approximately US$400 000 to continue the development of a novel spunbond for use in the production of

A surgical blanket that can actively warm a patient without moving the air around them – reducing the risk of infection from airborne pathogens – has been developed by Encompass Group of McDonough,

A range of fabrics treated with antimicrobial and water-repellent finishes has been launched by Argar Srl of Milan, Italy.

The Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) at RWTH Aachen University in Germany has directed the development of what it claims to be the first national standard for spacer fabrics. 

In the wake of the human coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic, Amcor Rigid Packaging (ARP) has started manufacturing disposable general-purpose face masks for sale to its customers.