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A garment with a figure control or muscle support function has been developed by Wacoal of Kyoto, Japan, and is described in US Patent 6 401 497.

Spanish company Relats SA has developed a silicon dioxide fibre that it claims offers better thermal resistance.

The UK's Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has postponed its decision regarding Coloplast's proposed E128 million acquisition of SSL International's continence business.

Recycling of textile waste is the basis for an invention by Georgia Composites.

Improvements to the hydroenhancement of fabrics are the subject of US Patent 6 343 410.

Japan's Otsuka Chemical has developed a conductive fibre as part of its research into bicomponent skin-core fibres intended to offer protection from electromagnetic radiation.

Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance to market what is claimed to be the world's first antibacterial suture.

Researchers from Kansas State University have designed apparel for use in therapy sessions by children diagnosed with sensory integration dysfunction and impaired motor development.

Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) and UKprocure are to form an alliance to connect their respective ecommerce exchanges for healthcare buyers and suppliers in the UK.

Fuji Spinning Co Ltd, Tokyo, Japan, describes a functionalized fibre in European Patent 1 188 855.

Sofradim Production has developed a composite prosthesis that the French company claims prevents postsurgical adhesions.

Adult incontinence supplier PaperPak Products of San Dimas, California, USA, has sold its business to a management team led by Chief Executive Officer Michael Brown and private equity group 3i Grou

Huesker Synthetic GmbH & Co has revealed a construction for use in making geotextiles.

A material specifically designed for mobile field hospitals, tent liners, and protective covers has been launched by Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd, Easingwold, UK.

Marantech describes fibrous textile articles claimed to have enhanced antimicrobial properties in US Patent 6 436 420.

In US Patent 6 435 185, Marie Schimpl of Vernon, California, USA, discloses a portable arm support for comfortable use during long-distance travelling.

The American Army has invented, US Patent 6 406 660, a system for making polymer matrix composites that have a low volume percentage of reinforcement fibres and carefully controlled thicknesses.

Glen Raven Inc has developed a yarn that can serve to stabilize fabrics used outdoors.

A Japanese researcher has developed a biocompatible collagen material that can be degraded and absorbed in the body into a matrix of a nonwoven fabric.

Belfast is to host the UK's first Healthcare and Medical Textiles Network Conference on 23-24 January 2003.