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Workwear specialist Klopman International says its Titan range of fabrics is designed to help maintain a smart appearance in garments used in strenuous circumstances and needing frequent laundering

UK researchers have unveiled a new yarn feed system for knitting machines.

Wound dressings made from carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) have been developed by Acordis Speciality Fibres.

Japanese inventor Yuzo Tsuchida has developed silk fabrics that protect body parts affected by, for example, cuts, burns, tumours or bedsores.

To reduce inertial forces, the yarn guides on highspeed winders are often made using carbon fibres.

A US Bankruptcy Court judge has ruled in favour of USdiaper maker Paragon Trade Brands, allowing it to proceed with a trial against Weyerhaeuser to recover damages of more than US$400 million, rela

The global market for woundcare products aimed at treating skin ulcers exceeded US$2.5 billion in 2002, according to a new study from Kalorama Information.

A custom-moulded orthopaedic impression shirt is disclosed in US Patent 6 533 971 by Synthetic Tubular Socks (STS).

In an effort to help stop the spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), DuPont has increased the supply of its Tyvek protective disposable garments in China and Hong Kong.

AcryMed has received the Frost & Sullivan Technological Innovation Award for 2003.

Afmedica has outlined a biodegradable, drug-impregnated mesh or gauze that deters the formation of post-operative adhesions following abdominal and other surgical procedures.

A paving material for footways that is strong and lightweight is the subject of European Patent EP 1 277 883.

An Israeli firm has developed a simple technique for producing an exceptionally fine worsted fabric.

Scientific and technological solutions for problems relating to technical textiles will be the focus of a conference in Manchester, UK, next year.

Kimberly-Clark has introduced three new products and two product improvements to its Kotex range.

A US company has invented a system for spreading a web evenly.

A type of floor covering based on the use of paper yarns has been created by a US company.

International Newsletters Ltd is preparing a major new report - Medical and Hygiene Textiles: Initiatives for Growth.

European Patent EP 1 279 755 suggests that a decorative polyester yarn may be produced undyed and held to be dyed in small lots as and when required.

A team from Georgia Tech Research Institute of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, has developed a process for the production of a one-piece garment that can be converted into a full-body overall or hospital go