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Eastman Chemical Co of Kingsport, Tennessee, USA, has launched a number of products for manufacturers of nonwovens.
Jacob Holm Industries, a producer of hydroentangled and composite nonwovens, is to install an advanced spunlace line in the USA.
Acoustic insulation for domestic equipment is improved by a development from Owens Corning Fiberglas Technology Inc of Summit, New Jersey, USA.
An absorbent article claimed to have improved fit, particularly when wet, is disclosed in US Patent 6 713 661 by Procter & Gamble.
Mosaic Furnishings, a division of UK-based Skopos Design, has introduced a range of cotton fabrics that incorporate BioCote antimicrobial surface treatment protection.
Dutch research company Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV has developed an electrically conductive yarn.
The Procter & Gamble Co has developed a biodegradable melt-spun fibre.
Medline Industries of Mundelein, Illinois, USA, has launched a range of single-use protective apparel featuring composite technology from DuPont Medical Fabrics.
Production of nonwovens in Europe increased by 6.2% in 2003 to reach 1.29 Mt, according to the European Disposables and Nonwovens Association (EDANA).
With the support of Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) Ltd, the Smart Textiles Innovation Centre at Canesis in New Zealand is developing a range of novel heated wool textiles.

Acordis ServicesLtd is well versed in major standards for fibre manufacturing.

An absorbent hygiene structure containing bacteria has been developed by Ganeden Biotech.
LENZING AG has taken over the entire Tencel group of companies, effective from 4 May 2004.
Strong, soft, high-density absorbent materials claimed to have superior absorption properties are disclosed in European Patent 1 408 147 by Rayonier.
Belgian loom builder NV Michel Van de Wiele has developed a method of making face-to-face pile fabrics.
Ticona is expanding its liquid-crystal polymer (LCP) plant in Shelby, North Carolina, USA.
A novel construction intended for tufting pile yarns has been developed by USA's Honeywell Performance Fibers.
A process for making a bioabsorbable self-expanding stent is disclosed in US Patent 6 719 934 by the SciMed division of Boston Scientific.
Molnlycke Health Care opened an extension to its factory premises located in Karvina close to Ostrava in the eastern part of the Czech Republic.
Coagulation spinning can produce fibres, ribbons and yarns of carbon nanotubes, according to US Patent 6 682 677.