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A waterproof jacket treated with an antiviral and antimicrobial finish proven effective against the strain of coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) responsible for the covid-19 pandemic has been unveil

Videos that reveal why masks with exhalation valves do not slow the spread of human coronavirus (covid-19) have been created by researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NI

Fabrics featuring fibres of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE, Dyneema Composite Fabrics) are being used by Moncler of Milan, Italy, for the production of skiwear.  

A range of safety products for firefighters, police officers, emergency personnel and other professionals who frequently work in hazardous conditions has been unveiled by Teijin of Tokyo, Japan.

A comfortable and re-usable one-piece medical face mask that can be produced using high-precision air-jet weaving technology is being developed by a consortium in Europe. 

Fabric made from an antimicrobial polyamide (PA) 6.6 yarn (Sensil BodyFresh) developed by NILIT of Migdal Haemek, Israel, has been shown to reduce the activity of Betacoronavirus 1 by 99.85%. 

An antimicrobial nonwoven that can be incorporated into particulate filters has been developed by US companies PureAir Filtration of Norcross, Georgia, and Noble Biomaterials of Scranton, Pennsylva

A smart shirt that can gather data on the lung function of its wearer and coach them on their behaviour has been developed through a 15-month-long project by Kinetic Analysis BV and QUAD Industries

A surgical face mask developed by HanesBrands in partnership with North Carolina State University (NCSU), the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill and UNC Health has been authorised by

Software for optimising the quality of cotton blends for the spinning of fibres is to be integrated into the Rieter Group's suite of digital programmes (Essential).  

A face mask that uses silicon nitride particles to inactivate respiratory viruses is being developed by a producer of the ceramic, Sintx Technologies. 

Hohenstein of Bönnigheim, Germany, has developed what it claims to be the first standard for determining the compression behaviour of sportswear. 

Technologies for the recycling of superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) from used disposable diapers are being developed by a trio of companies in Japan.

A standard that will enable the size of the nanoparticles used in such as antibacterial coatings for textiles to be determined accurately has been developed by ASTM International of West Conshohock

SDL Atlas has unveiled the latest version of its system for testing the flammability of apparel and vertically oriented fabrics to European standards.

An affordable air purifier for small indoor spaces has been launched by IKEA of Delft, The Netherlands.  

A range of prepregs with novel cosmetic finishes is to be supplied through a partnership established in the UK. 

A range of re-usable, general-purpose face masks made from Ascend Performance Materials (APM)’s Acteev Protect range of antibacter

Manufacturer of graphene additives, Applied Graphene Materials (AGM), is to target the Turkish coatings and polymers sector following the signing of a distribution agreement with Gobarr Kimya Ticar

Electrospinning processes for the production of thermochromic fibres – which change colour in response to changes in temperature – from liquid crystals are being developed by researchers at Virgini