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A team of scientists from Portland, Oregon, USA, has developed a combat-ready, military field dressing based on chitosan.

Treating hydrophobic fibres with a glow discharge plasma improves the ability to dye them, according to US researchers.

Managing Director of XeBusiness Ltd David Cullis argues the case for investing in information technology, but warns that doing so effectively requires a real will to manage and implement change in

Harodite Industries Inc has developed a process for making a composite headliner for automobiles.

A wave of technical fibre innovations is helping fibre companies in higher cost economies carve out a strategy for survival.

Ahlstrom FiberComposites has introduced a new range of advanced nonwoven sterilization wraps.

Precision Fabrics Group (PFG) Inc has licensed one of Procter & Gamble's (P&G's) advanced technologies for woven and nonwoven textiles.

Based on the use of a synchronization motor controlled through an inverter, Japan's KK Toyota Jidoshokki has invented a system of controlling single spindle drives on spinning frames.

UK company Charcoal Cloth International (CCI) has chosen Zorflex as the brand name for its activated charcoal cloth, which is used in medical, industrial, conservation and military applications.

An economical cut-resistant yarn for knitting into safety gloves is the subject of US Patent 6 467 251.

Humatro Corp has invented a radically new type of fibrous structure.

An inventor from Merthyr Tydfil, UK, has developed a therapeutic cap that allows a migraine sufferer to block out the light as well as surround their head with a cold press.

Kimberly-Clark describes an absorbent article claimed to maintain or improve skin health.

UK researchers have developed a process in which a polymer can be depolymerized into macrocyclic oligomers that can subsequently be repolymerized at high molar mass.

A feasibility study to examine the potential of woolbased medical textiles is to be carried out by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) in conjunction with a leading international pharmaceutical compan

Sara Lee Corp discloses a process for making softer handling open-end spun yarns in US Patent 6 477 826.

Kimberly-Clark has developed a biodegradable material with improved fluid management properties for use in disposable absorbent products.

A conference on Healthcare and Medical Textiles held in January 2003 in Belfast, UK, brought together professionals from a wide range of disciplines - from textile manufacturers to nursing staff.

Swedish single-use surgical product manufacturer Molnlycke Health Care Klinipro has opened a new production plant in Karvina, Czech Republic.

Bristol-Myers Squibb discloses a non-adherent wound dressing comprising fibrous material in US Patent 6 458 460.