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FREE CONTENT: Nanollose spins fibres from microbial cellulose

Nanollose reports that it has completed its first pilot-scale trial of the spinning of lyocell fibres from microbial cellulose (MC) sourced from industrial organic and agricultural waste. 

The company, of Nedlands, Western Australia, says that 250 kg of the fibres, called Nullarbor-20, were manufactured through the trial, which was conducted at the facilities of its partner, Birla Cellulose, in Mumbai, India(1). The feedstock for the trial comprised a blend of 20% microbial cellulose and 80% conventional wood pulp. Nanollose will now work to increase the amounts of lyocell fibres produced, and the amounts of microbial cellulose that they contain, in subsequent pilot-scale spins.

In completing the pilot-scale spin, the Nanollose and Birla technical teams had to procure microbial cellulose produced to carefully defined specifications, establish quality-control and optimisation procedures, and develop drying and purification methods.

According to Nanollose's Executive Chairman, Wayne Best, the successful trial is a significant milestone in his company’s development and provides "clear proof of concept". He adds that in the lead-up to the completion of the project, Nanollose has "been approached by a number of notable potential partners, and is pleased to now be in a position to enter into formal negotiations for the supply of sample fibre, yarns and/or fabric for testing purposes and due diligence for future offtake agreements."

In 2021, the market for lyocell fibres was valued at US$1.13 billion and is projected to be worth US$1.71 billion by 2027, increasing in size at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 7%—significantly faster than the CAGR of the overall fibre industry (natural and manmade fibres) of 3%(2).   


Wayne Best, Executive Chairman, Nanollose.
Tel: +61 (4) 2154-5820.
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