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DuPont has confirmed it has entered exclusive negotiations with subsidiaries of Koch Industries Inc, Wichita, Kansas, USA, regarding the sale of DuPont Textiles & Interiors (DTI).

The Woolmark Co has introduced the WoolscienceTM Technology branding programme for products containing wool that possess key technical performance benefits.

Italian knitting machine manufacturer Matec, part of Lonati group, has developed a small-diameter circular machine for the production of medical hosiery.Called the Pendolina-Super, the machine is d

A method and device for determining the liquid reten- tion of absorbent articles, such as diapers, sanitary nap- kins and adult incontinence items, has been developed by SCA Hygiene Products.

Perceptive Informatics of Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, part of Parexel International, is to market the LifeShirt system developed by VivoMetrics.

All Nippon Airways Co (ANA) and Osaka Gas Chemical Co Ltd, both of Japan, have jointly developed a safer and more environmentally friendly seat cushion for passenger aeroplanes.

A UK technology centre has created its own test rig to evaluate gloves and clothing that may come into con- tact with molten metal or welding sparks.

Danish fibre Manufacturer FiberVisions has introduced a polypropylene staple for use in high-temperature environments.

Great Lakes Chemical Corp has launched Anox FiberPlus polymer stabilizer blends, for the process stabilization of polypropylene fibres.

Perceptive Informatics of Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, part of Parexel International, is to market the LifeShirt system developed by VivoMetrics.

Sam Gwynne, Marketing Executive at Acordis Speciality Fibres, discusses the importance of a global business strategy and the role information technology can play in taking products to a wider audie

A new reinforced plastic helmet that simulates the action of the human scalp on the skull in deflecting tan- gential force has been developed in the UK.

German textile companies Pharetra and Eschler Textil, in collaboration with knitting machine manufacturer Karl Mayer, have developed a knitted liquid barrier fabric.

Italy's Pantex Group is to cease production of spunlaced nonwovens to concentrate on its core feminine hygiene business.

Waste-containing protective apparel that prevents soiling by domestic dogs or cats has been developed by Eileen Milligan of Ellicott City, Maryland, USA.

Unicharm has launched a brightly coloured diaper featuring the children's character Winnie the Pooh ("Kuma No Pooh" in Japanese).

Zimmer has won its takeover battle for the Swiss-based Centerpulse after the directors of Europe's biggest orthopaedics company recommended the US$3.2 billion cash and shares offer from Zimmer ahea

US medical product supplier Medline Industries has added two gauze sponge products to its range of traditional and advanced woundcare products.

Liftport Inc has been formed in the USA with the aim of developing a so-called "space elevator"--described as an economically attractive means of accessing space.

A combination of plasma treatment and microwave radiation creates an undulating surface on fibres that improves their mechanical interlocking in resin matrices and so enhances the strength and inte