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Cellulosic fibres, which once would have been disposed of as waste, may be used in different matrix materials to create organic composites.

The 2nd World Union of Wound Healing Societies' Meeting will be held at the Palais des Congres, Paris, France, from 8-13 July 2004.

US-based ConvaTec, part of Bristol Myers Squibb, has reached an agreement to acquire Acordis Speciality Fibres of Coventry, UK.

An absorbent dressing that holds and lifts exudate from a wound is disclosed in US Patent 6 653 520 by Innovative Global of Tortola, Virgin Islands.

Two US companies have developed a fabric coated with phase-change material.

Most artificial playing surfaces are tufted but now Southwest Recreational Industries Inc has proposed a knitted construction for simulated turf.

For years there has been a persisting problem with nylon carpet pile yarns that have tended to soil more rapidly than is acceptable.

Fluorescent polyester and polypropylenes have been developed in Korea by the Glow Yarn Co Ltd, under the brand names Glow Polyester Fiber, Glow Yarn and Glow Fabric.

A process for making hybrid boron-reinforced polymer matrix composites is the subject of US Patent 6 514 170.

A method of making what is described as a "shrink" fabric for use on drum filters is revealed in US Patent 6 658 709.

Previous attempts to incorporate durable and semi-durable scents in fabrics have had little success.

A system for introducing resins into cellulosic fibres so that they can be activated by radiation has been developed by Procter & Gamble.

Multifabs Survival Ltd of Aberdeen, UK, has designed a protective garment to be worn beneath conventional clothing.

Humidity-activated shape-memory materials are disclosed by Kimberly-Clark in US Patent 6 627 673.

SSL International has announced that the UK Serious Fraud Office's investigations into the events in the period up to March 2000 concluded there is no action to be taken against the company or any

A system of presenting pile yarn tufts on both Jacquard and spool Axminster looms is the subject of European Patent EP 1 156 145.

A multiple-sleeve apparatus for applying pressure to a body part is described in US Patent 6 656 141 by Tony Reid of Menlo Park, California, USA.

An elastically stretchable composite sheet for use in disposable articles, such as diapers, sanitary napkins, incontinence products or surgical gowns, has been developed by Unicharm of Tokyo, Japan

A disposable absorbent article with a faecal management member has been developed by Procter & Gamble of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

CardioTech International of Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA, has taken delivery of 40 000 units of its AlgiMed alginate wound dressings, and has begun distribution to emergency care physicians, hosp