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May 2003

For the financial year 2002 (ended 31 December 2002), the consolidated turnover of the Picanol Group rose by almost 30.0%, to U.K. Pound 519.4 million. At the same time, profits doubled.
Kimberly-Clark has developed an absorbent article with improved leakage prevention.
Smith & Nephew has launched a $2.3 billion bid to acquire its Swiss rival Centerpulse.
In US Patent 6 489 534, Kimberly-Clark discloses a polymer for use in disposable personal hygiene articles.
Marc Jebson - Health, Safety And Environmental Coordinator at Acordis Speciality Fibres - discusses the common misconceptions of the technical textiles industry and the career opportunities it has to
A system of thermal insulation for pipes is the subject of US Patent 6 461 554 from the Institut Francais du Petrole (IFP), Rueil-Malmaison.
The latest study describes the European market for polyolefins as the most rapdily growing in the fibres and textiles sector in the region.
Global Textile Partner (GTP) has officially opened its Mexican office.
The UK's Director General of Fair Trading has approved Coloplast's a,not128 million acquisition of SSLInternational's continence business.
Medical Textile company Smith & Nephew plc announced strong growth in its preliminary results for the year ended 31 December 2002.
The Department of Textile and Clothing Design at the University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland, is conducting a project that aims to investigate the healing properties of wool from Finnish Landrace sh
By combining extrusion and thread wrapping, a Spanish company has developed a system for producing artificial grass.
DuPont has announced the reorganization of its worldwide Personal Protection business.
The Aderans Research Institute of Beverly Hills, California, USA, has developed synthetic bioabsorbable fibres for use in making reinforced composites for surgical implants USA.
Rhodia Filtec AG, Emmenbrucke, Switzerland, has found a way to improve polyester fibre spinning.
Consolidated Ecoprogess Technology of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has announced it is taking steps to get its biodegradable feminine hygiene products into the $1.3 billion US market.
A way of continuously making a complicated nonwoven is the subject of European Patent EP 1 246 958.
In US Patent 6 512 160 Innova discloses a bandage on which a graphic image can be printed using a home inkjet printer.
Bundles of specially designed fibres can transport liquids rapidly in products such as diapers, according to USPatent 6 497 955.
After a successful mandatory public takeover bid, UKbased private equity firm Candover has launched a socalled "squeeze-out" offer for the remaining shares of private-label disposable products manufac
Partially or wholly flat synthetic fibres for making strong nonwovens with low basis weights are disclosed in US Patent 6 485 828.
Lloyd Instruments has developed a system designed specifically to test the tensile strength and elongation at break of webbing textiles used in vehicle seat belts, safety harnesses, freight and logist
Japan's Toray Industries Inc discloses an advanced fabric construction in European Patent EP 1 260 355.
A nonwoven based on fine fibres is the basis of a refined filter media developed by Japan Vilene Co Ltd of Tokyo.
Worldwide Consumption of technical textiles will grow to reach nearly 24 Mt a year by 2010, with an estimated value of US$93 million, according to the latest study.
Superabsorbent fibre producer Camelot Technologies of Alberta, Canada, has filed for bankruptcy, reports Nonwovens World (February-March 2002, page 8).
Ten Cate Advanced Textiles (TCAT) has installed a software program for analyzing and reporting its business performance.
Sultex Ltd, formerly Sulzer Textil, will stop selling its G6300 rapier loom from 1 June 2003, in order to comply with the stipulations of the European Union's Antitrust Authorities following the firm'
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given Cardinal Health of Dublin, Ohio, USA, clearance to market a new fabric technology for single-use surgical drapes.
An Italian company has developed a stronger and more stable geogrid based on multi-axial manufacture.
An elasticized orthopaedic bandage offers compression, support, protection and therapeutic effects, particularly for the limbs and joints, according to its inventor Samuel Goldstein of West Chester, P
A facial wound dressing support device has been developed by Barry Shesol and Paul Zwiebel of Colorado, USA.
Clariant increased its sales by 4.7% in the financial year 2002, as measured in local currencies. (As measured in Swiss francs, sales were 3.3% lower.)
Ethicon has developed a bioresorbable oxidized cellulose composite material for the prevention of postsurgical adhesions.
Procter & Gamble is to lay off 330 employees at its Tampax tampon factory in Havant, Hampshire, UK, and shift manufacture to Eastern Europe.
Revolutionary body cooling vests, an invention of Australian company Arctic Heat, were used by players at the Australian Open tennis championships.

Concerns about infections caused by the deadly severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) pneumonia virus have prompted the organizers of Asia's major nonwovens exhibition and conference to postpone

The William Lee Innovation Centre, based in the Department of Textiles at the UK's University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology UMIST), is using a multi-disciplinary approach for the t
Holger Reinhardt and Hans Bauerfeind of Kempen, Germany, have developed an abdominal support bandage.
Johnson & Johnson Wound Management has introduced Actisorb Silver 220 antimicrobial binding dressing to the US market.
Procter & Gamble's ThermaCare nonwoven product was a finalist in the 2003 Visionary Award competition at the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry's INDA's) Vision 2003 Consumer Products Co