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June 2004

A pre-fastened disposable absorbent article, such as a diaper, that can, if unsoiled, be pulled on or off like pants is described by Kimberly-Clark in US Patent 6 667 085.

Kimberly-Clark has introduced its Huggies Convertibles diaper-pants in a second size in the USA.

A highly moisture vapour-transmissive adhesive composite for use as a medical dressing is disclosed by 3M in US Patent 6 680 113.

Voith Paper Patent GmbH has invented a comparatively simple method of measuring the hardness or compactness of clothing on a paper machine.

Austrian fibre producer Lenzing has acquired for an undisclosed sum the Tencel group of companies, formerly owned by Acordis.

Solvay and Kobekci Eco-Solutions have signed a joint venture agreement with a view to set up an industrial unit of Solvay's Vinyloop(r) polyvinyl chloride (PVC) recycling process in Japan, under th

NORDSON CORP says its UM25 Series Universal modules accurately dispense hot-melt adhesive and have a single-platform design in order to simplify in-house rebuilding and reduce the costs of maintena

BSN Medical has developed a water-resistant plaster of Paris splint cast bandage that avoids the problem of disintegration in damp or wet conditions.

UK FLAME-RETARDANT specialist Firestop Chemicals has reached an agreement with Russian chemical company Vocco for the latter to make commercial quantities of Firestop's latest non-brominated agent-

A fabric containing copper, zinc and silicon threads can protect the wearer from magnetic and electromagnetic fields, as well as providing metallotherapy effects, according to its Italian inventor.

THE IQ TEXTILES GROUP is the result of three UK companies joining forces: Lothian Coated Fabrics, Diffusion Textiles and C-Teq Advanced Performance Textiles.

USA's Prisma Fibers Inc says it has devised a way to combine single colour feed yarns to simulate space-dyed effects, without the need for twisting or heat-setting.

A protective screening that can regulate the amount of daylight is the subject of US Patent 6 672 361.

Johnson & Johnson Wound Management has launched Silvercel antimicrobial alginate dressing.

US Patent 6 660 355 discloses a wear-resistant material, principally designed for use in aircraft brake shoes.

DSM Dyneema has launched a high-performance polyethylene fibre called Dyneema Purity for producing surgical implants and other medical devices, such as sutures.

The incidence of pressure ulcers (bedsores) can be more than halved using a bedding overlay developed by Australia's Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

A US inventor has designed underwear to protect wearers from the detrimental effects of electrostatic fields.

Automatic fabric inspection has taken a step forward with a system developed by two UK organizations.

Taiwanese inventor Michael Lu of Packy Poda Inchas developed a mat for use in vehicles.

A compliant wound dressing that is suitable for cost effective mass production on assembly lines is disclosed in US Patent 6 689 931 by collaborative product and technology development company Tiax

Outlook 2004, the personal care products conference organized by the European Disposables and Nonwovens Association (EDANA), will be held from 29 September-1 October 2004 in Monaco.

HONEYCOMB CORE flooring based on a para-aramid fibre played an important role in the overall weight management that made possible a milestone Singapore Airlines non-stop flight from Singapore to Lo

Polymer Group (PGI) has introduced MediSoft spunmelt fabrics that combine softness and barrier properties with drapability and breathability.

Bristol-Myers Squibb has completed the acquisition of Acordis Speciality Fibres of Coventry, UK, from the Acordis group. The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

KERMEL, has developed an aramid fibre, Kermel(r) Tech, designed to meet the increasingly demanding technical requirements for industrial hightemperature air filtration.

TREVIRA says it has found a new application for its antimicrobial fibre--Trevira Bioactive (see also, Technical Textiles International, November 2001, pages 17-22).

Tests show that a medicated tampon developed by UK company Metris Therapeutics can reduce dysmenorrhea (severe menstrual cramps), which particularly affects younger women.

AN ANIMAL FEED manufacturing plant has significantly increased both the life and the performance of the filter bags it employs by the addition of an embedded membrane made by Ravensworth Ltd.

One of the largest nonwovens manufacturers in the USA, Polymer Group Inc, has developed a dual purpose material that it believes has potential as an industrial wipe.

Molnlycke Health Care has opened a new extension to its factory in Karvina, Czech Republic.

LAUNDERED, REUSEABLE cloth towels are not as clean as users might like to think, according to the latest study.

Homofilament fibres can be meltspun from a dual capillary spinneret having different shapes so as to induce differential fibre morphologies resulting in crimping, according to Kimberly-Clark.

Increasingly, French producers of flax and hemp are turning to technical markets.

REFLECTING ITS DEVELOPING ROLE in representing companies involved in high-performance applications, the UK's Made Up Textiles Association has changed its name to the Performance Textiles Associatio

Japan's Chisso Corp claims to have found a better way to produce a multi-component fibre that can be split.