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August 2014

Representing the state-of-the-art in wearable fitness monitoring, the ambiotex t-shirt developed by match2blue GmbH of Mainz, Germany, was showcased at this year's Wearable Technologies Conference in
Dynamic elastomeric fabric orthoses that could be used in the management of a wide range of lumbopelvic disorders have been developed by DM Orthotics.
A method of laparoscopically repairing a hernia defect is outlined in US Patent 8 663 256 by George Christoudias of Teaneck, New Jersey, USA.
Systems and methods for protecting a wound and managing exudate are described in US Patent 8 722 960 by Aalnex.
An absorbent core of an absorbent article with improved odour control has been developed by SCA Hygiene Products.
High-performance fibre-based materials supplier Ahlstrom has extended its range of sterile barrier systems (SBSs): the Reliance Tandem range now offers SBSs designed for light-to-heavy medical instrum
A programme to encourage manufacturers of polyurethane (PU)-coated fabrics and their customers to adopt a solvent-free technology has been launched by Bayer MaterialScience of Leverkusen, Germany.
Researchers in the USA have developed a process for preparing mats of natural silk fibroin/polyethylene oxide (PEO) blends, which they claim are suitable for biomedical applications such as wound heal
A proposed joint venture is set to become the biggest manufacturer of components for automotive interiors in the world.
A range of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-free plastisol inks for the digital printing of textiles is now available from Kiian Specialty Inks of Luisago, Italy.
Growing manufacturing activity and rising consumer incomes will boost the worldwide market for filters, causing it to grow at an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 6.2% in the period 2013 to 2018, a
The World Cup 2014 organized by the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) of Zurich, Switzerland, not only provided a global showcase of some of the best players on the planet, but
Nike of Beaverton, Oregon, USA, has become the first manufacturer of consumer products to introduce a garment (ColorDry polo shirts) dyed using a water-free process (ColorDry) developed in The Netherl
Electrospinning water-soluble polymers containing photo-curable groups and subjecting the extruded material to ultraviolet (UV) radiation produces crosslinked superabsorbent nano-scale fibres suitable
A range of three-dimensional (3D) cell-culture scaffolds (XanoMatrix) made from short-staple nanofibres was launched at the Bio International Convention held in SanDiego, California, USA, on 23-26 Jun
The 2nd International Congress on Healthcare and Medical Textiles (EGEMEDITEX 2014) - will be held in Izmir, Turkey, on 25-26 September 2014.
A dressing for protecting the skin around objects projecting out from the skin has been developed by Molnlycke Health Care of Gothenburg, Sweden.
Scottish Health Secretary Alex Neil has asked Scotland's acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO) to write to all health boards to ask them to consider the suspension of the use of polypropylene (PP) mesh m
OCSiAl has acquired carbon nanotube (CNT) functionalisation specialist Zyvex Technologies, based in Columbus, Ohio, making the combined venture the largest nanotechnology company in the world.
Japan is now taking nanocellulose extremely seriously, with around 100 companies actively involved in working together to develop it as a next generation material.
New ergonomic tools are being 3D printed by BMW.
Nanoelectronics research centre Imec, Ghent University and their partners in the Smartfiber European FP7 project have demonstrated a miniaturised fibre optical sensor system that can be embedded in a
Paperfold is an experimental bendable smartphone which has three different displays which can fold over one another and are responsive to where they are relative to each other.
Global lighting leader Philips recently launched a luminous panel that can cover an entire ceiling with homogenous white light.
Forster Rohner Textile Innovations in Switzerland is now employing PointLEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors to make its e-broidery textiles.
The blades of today's wind turbines still have a decidedly low-tech material at their core - balsa wood.
Submicroscopic particles that contain even smaller particles of iron oxide could make magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) a far more powerful tool to detect and fight disease.
LEDs, OLEDs and plastic electronics are threatening to change the way we look at the world - and interact with everyday surfaces - writes editor Adrian Wilson.
Malaysia-based Nibong Tebal Paper Mill Holdings (NTPM) is investing more than MYR20 million (US$6.2 million) for a new plant to double production of its personal care products business (reports The St
An improved absorbent article such as a sanitary napkin (1) has been developed by Daio Paper of Ehime, Japan.
Hygiene and forest products company SCA has floated its Asaleo Care joint venture in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji on the Australian Securities Exchange.
A support dressing that will be particularly useful in preventing or reducing undesired torsion, especially of the lower back, has been developed by Floback of London, UK.
A wound dressing for use when a one-way passage of air and/or fluid is required is described in US Patent 8 710 289 by UK-based companies First Water and Prometheus Medical.
In a bid to prevent drivers falling asleep at the wheel, a UK company is teaming up with one of its country's universities in order to develop a heart-rate sensor system that can be embedded in vehicl