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August 2005

Groz-Beckert has introduced HyTec precision jet strips for use in spunlace (hydroentanglement) processes.
A dual capillary spinneret featuring different shapes induces differential fibre morphology to produce crimping in homofilaments, according to its inventor, Kimberly-Clark Worldwide of Neenah,Wisconsi
An electroless plating method for nonwoven and woven fabrics is the subject of US Patent 6 831 034.
An absorbent product for hygiene products having a nonwoven cover and a three-dimensional profile is the subject of US Patent 6 673 418.
A stretchable absorbent article with zones of differential stretch has been developed by Kimberly-Clark of Neenah,Wisconsin, USA.
According to results of a trial conducted at 41 UK medical centres and published in The Lancet (18 June 2005), treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAAs) with a stent graft is better than conventi
Synergy Healthcare has made a recommended cash offer for UK healthcare group Shiloh. The offer values Shiloh at GBP8.7 million.
A compression bandage for supporting the tissue in the area between the foot and knee has been developed by Lohmann & Rauscher.
Microtek Medical of Alpharetta, Georgia, USA, has introduced Mojave, a new superabsorbent material for the clinical environment.
February 2005 saw the successful completion of Wealthy - Wearable Healthcare System, a research project to develop a wearable textile health monitoring system.
A liquid-absorbent pad having a single, large through-slit as part of an absorbent article is described by First Quality Products in US Patent 6 852 101.
An improved absorbent catamenial (menstrual) tampon is disclosed by Procter & Gamble in US Patent 6 840 927.
3M Foam Adhesive Dressing - Heel Design has received a Silver 2005 Medical Design Excellence Award for design innovation.
A film-fibril plexifilamentary sheet that demonstrates improved balances between softness and toughness, as well as air permeability and liquid barrier resistance, is the focus of work by DuPont.
Covalon Technologies has received US Food and Drug Administration approval for its antimicrobial silver collagen wound dressing ColActiveAg,for which Hartmann-Conco has been awarded exclusive distribu
A better linking of the inpatient and outpatient sectors, uniform treatment standards and intensive education of medical personnel are needed to eliminate existing difficulties in the treatment of chr
A new high-performance fabric from Rovertex Medical, the new division of Italy's Tessitura di Rovereto, is said to offer total compliance with forthcoming surgical protection regulations.
A composite nonwoven intended for the production of hygienic products is the subject of US Patent 6 836 938.
Since the advent of transfer printing - largely restricted to polyester fabric - there has been a search for a process that could be applied to cotton while retaining the attractions of this dry proce
Spencer Wright Industries Inc of Dalton, Georgia, USA, has designed a novel needle for tufting machines, claiming its invention offer several advantages over conventional products.
A fabric for reducing endogenous pain has been developed by F&S.
In US Patent 6 841 242, Saint-Gobain Quartz SAS of Courbevoie, France, provides a recipe for a silica yarn with an improved resistance to high temperatures.
Nuclear and textile engineers at the USA's North Carolina State University (NCSU) have teamed up with textile scientists from Egypt to create textiles with permanent antimicrobial properties.
A technique for making blankets with a high pile density has been developed by William B. Kim and Charles S. Kim, of Huntington Park, California, USA.
Synthetic grass can be made using a new type of manmade fibre developed in The Netherlands by Ten Cate Thiolon BV and Dex-Plastomers VOF.
Researchers at ITV Denkendorf in Germany have developed a cost-efficient, preventive device that monitors vital parameters in babies.One application is to warn against sudden infant death syndrome.