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April 2012

Composite manufacturers seeking to make long lightweight rotor-blades for high-power wind turbines now have another choice of glass fibre with which to reinforce the matrix.
Eastex Products has introduced a new range of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)-coated nylon fabrics for making inflatable products and gel packs using various technologies.
Life sciences company Quick-Med Technologies has amended the license previously granted to India's Viridis BioPharma to include a new antimicrobial polyurethane foam dressing that utilizes Quick-Med's
Silver Lining Textiles (SLT) has launched Under Scrub, a medical technical base layer that is claimed to kill bacteria that cause infection, with the expectation of reducing transmission from patient
ConvaTec has launched Aquacel Extra wound dressing with strengthening fibre in the USA. The dressing is composed of two layers of Hydrofiber Technology stitched together.
An improved absorbent article, such as a disposable diaper, has been developed by Unicharm of Tokyo, Japan.
Biomedical Structures (BMS), a developer of biomedical textiles for medical devices and other advanced clinical applications, has announced new capabilities for the development and manufacturing of va
The use of Tencel C in medical compression stockings has been shown to improve skin physiology.
An absorbent article with a shape-stable threedimensional (3D) structure is disclosed in US Patent 8 039 684 by SCA Hygiene Products.
Paul Hartmann has disclosed an antimicrobial wound dressing (30) with a wound contact layer (31) that both absorbs exudate and supports the healing process by releasing an active ingredient.
A method for making expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membranes that are resistant to oils, as well as water, and have other properties such as good abrasionresistance is the subject of US Pate
A composite tape reinforced with para-aramid fibre offers good protection to the fragile cores of optical fibre cables, according to Teijin Aramid of Arnhem, The Netherlands.
Stay cables containing a lightweight, strong para-aramid fibre have allowed a specialist in heavy construction equipment to make a bigger crane for transport shipping, according to Teijin Aramid of Ar
A staple fibre of polypropylene (PP) has been developed as an alternative to using asbestos to reinforce concrete.
Sioen Chemicals of Bornem, Belgium, has launched an ink that is cured by the application of ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
Toyota Industries Corp of Kariya, Japan, has become the majority shareholder in Uster Technologies of Uster, Switzerland, a specialist manufacturer of instruments for testing and quality control for t
Two German partners are investigating how to exploit a key property of functionalized regenerated-cellulose fibres to improve the moisture management of thermally insulating clothing.
A German company has developed extra-wide textiles that are suitable as substrates for digital printers using inks that are cured by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
A hybrid knitting yarn that combines the benefits of synthetic and wool fibres is the result of a research project in Germany.
Coats plc of Uxbridge, UK, has revealed a method for joining fabric panels that removes one of the steps traditionally needed for the manufacture of apparel.
Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) fibres made by spinning a solution containing carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and flakes of graphene oxide are tougher than spider dragline silk and para-aramids, claims an Australia-b
A Japanese manufacturer of sports apparel has chosen to use a polyester nanofibre for the palms of its latest gloves for motorcyclists and bicyclists.
Sweden's SCA has made a binding offer to acquire the Taiwan-based hygiene products company Everbeauty.
Switzerland's Schoeller Textil has established a medical textiles business called Schoeller Medical.
South Korea's Yejimiin introduced a new range of panty-liners at the end of February 2012. Tencel Liner is the first product on the market that features a topsheet based on 100% Tencel.
Teijin is supplying Nanofront high-strength polyester nanofibre for use in the palms of biking gloves made by Goldwin, a major sport apparel maker in Japan.
A new dehydration sensor which incorporates buffered inks for use in nonwoven-based incontinence products has been patented by Kimberly-Clark.
California testing laboratory Newport Corporation has cerified Konarka's latest organic solar cells as demonstrating 9% single-junction efficiency.
Holistic health is a megatrend, says Swiss-headquartered textiles specialist Schoeller Textil AG, to which it is responding with new developments including the Swiss Technology Award-winning iLoad fab
The work of the Pattern Recognition Lab of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany is focused on the integration of sensors into clothing in respect of sensor data transmissio
Sporty Supaheroe is an intelligent urban cycling jacket equipped with a wearable electronic system based on a stretchable circuit board developed by Fraunhofer IZM in Berlin.
NET Systems based Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA, has introduced a proprietary shark-resistant netting material called the Predator-X that protects fish being raised in submerged open-ocean aquacu
The new Nike Flyknit running shoe is virtually seamles, with advanced knitting techniques allowing the upper to be manufactured as a single piece of material.
Lantal Textiles AG has secured new orders from Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines for its Pneumatic Comfort System (PCS).
A high-performance Tensotherm with Lumira aerogel roof has been installed by Birdair at the McClain Athletic Facility, University of Wisconsin, USA.
A major opportunity for suppliers of advanced materials is in the battery module market for electric and hybrid vehicles.
Low & Bonar has announced the acquisition of Xero Flor International GmbH, a long-established supplier of green roof solutions, based in Germany.
The decontamination of skin after contact with hazardous substances released by chemical and reactor accidents has been carried out mainly by intensive washing using different detergents and solvents
Graphene and carbon nanotubes have been turned into a new polmyeric formula that can be subsequently wet-spun into fibres that are stronger than either Kevlar or spider silk - with obvious potential a
A new patent involving nanofibre scaffolds being embedded into nanofibre nonwoven substrates for the effective microfiltration of bacteria, viruses and toxic heavy metal and radioactive ions has been
Material ConneXion is presenting a new exhibition, 'Print/3D', featuring the latest 3D-printed objects and designs from an array of artists, designers and manufacturers at its New York office until Ma
The recent development of soft polymer-based fibres with electrical properties that respond to the touch has excited the interest of, among others, car makers BMW and Volvo.
A new method for creating nanofibres made of proteins, developed by researchers at Polytechnic Institute of New York University, may improve drug delivery methods for the treatment of cancers, heart d
At present two basic types of electrodes are employed in the electrostatic spinning of liquid polymer matrices into nanofibres - static or rotating.
TenCate Grass is adding heat-reflective (HR) pigments to all of its synthetic grass fibres (XP Blade) sold to the US market.
Toray reports success in developing polyamide fibres and yarns from biomass - via a process it calls Hybrid Engineering - having initially announced some polyester biomass variants during 2011.
DSM has entered into a collaboration agreement with the University Medical Centre Utrecht, a leading academic hospital with a renowned experimental facility unit for cardiothoracic interventions.