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Unifi has developed proprietary processes and techniques to recycle waste and convert it into a first-quality fibre. The company’s Meredith Boyd discusses what has been learned from the challenges of handling and processing these materials.

Manufacturers gathered in Orlando, Florida, USA, for the International Conference on Textile Coating and Laminating (TCL) 2011, held on 17–18 November, where one of the recurring themes was the importance of environmental issues, reports Nick Butler.

Strong growth is expected for nonwoven products in the Middle East and North Africa and, despite the headline-making political unrest of 2011 in the region, investment plans are being set in place by several manufacturers, says Adrian Wilson.

At a congress in Belgium towards the end of 2011, leading figures from the coating and laminating sector debated the emerging technologies that they believe will shape the future of the industry. Ian Holme attended on behalf of Technical Textiles International.