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Barrier fabrics to wrap surgical instruments More

Metallized silver technology for medical and smart textiles More

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Jacob Holm to buy DuPont's hydroentangled nonwovens business More

Chinese wallcovering line close to commercial production More

Ceramic fibre offers high temperature insulation More

Continuous process makes large quantities of high-quality, single-wall carbon nanotubes More

German project aims to create an artificial womb for premature babies More

Smart sensor system in composites More

3D-printed assembly support at BMW More

Nanocellulose to compete with carbon? More

Nanotech companies to merge More

Ambiotex launch planned for October More

Nonwovens from recycled carbon composites More

Spectacular view and sun without heat More

New materials from milk waste More

Recreating the womb More

Nanoparticles improve catheters More

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