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Polymer Group to launch nanofibre based filter media More

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Glass mat investment targets evolving markets More

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High-melt-viscosity resin potential More

Knitted sleeves for amputees More

Aramid nanofibres help to make lithium-ion batteries safe More

Silicone adhesives for woundcare More

High-performance cut-resistant glove with good grip More

Strong momentum carries Alexium International into 2015 More

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Technical textiles enjoy robust health and worldwide growth More

Editorial: Many encouraging indicators, but challenges remain More

Weaving advanced reinforcements More

Nonwovens create cheaper electrode substrates for fuel cells More

Weaving high-performance fibres as composite reinforcements More

Machine places carbon fibres rapidly More

Industrial-scale technology can make three-dimensional reinforcements for composites More

Sandler to create the ideal home with performance nonwovens More

Combined expertise for composites More

Flax fibres reinforce lightweight composite for cars More

Processing glass and technical yarns More

Production and consumption of polyolefins in Turkey and Europe More

Burlington Labs introduces proprietary moisture-control technology to cool athletes More

Man-made fibres make lightweight chains to tether heavy cargo More

Fluorine-free water-repellent chosen for skiwear range More

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