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Opportunities for advanced products in US wound-management market More

Yacht to be reinforced with thin-ply carbon fibre multiaxial fabrics More

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Hemp-based materials for the automotive industry More

Growth of woundcare market steady More

Dressing for the controlled release of therapeutic agents More

Increasing the modulus of standard carbon fibres More

Biodegradable elastic textile made from a single material for tissue growth More

Carbon fibre as a car's body and battery More

UK hospital tests smart bandage More

Two-year battery life with Assure More

Enter The Dash More

3D printed arrays bound for space More

New device for treating psoriasis More

Energising the intensive care room More

Muscle monitoring in space More

BMW i tech transfer for carbon More

Nanocellulose products partnership More

Graphene for composites More

Stretch electronic inks from DuPont More

Project to develop reusable operating theatre clothing More

Wireless remote monitor demonstrates digital healthcare More

Bioresorbable rope-shaped dressing for use in reduced pressure therapy More

Product combination for advanced dressings More

Variable-denier yarn and suture More

Industrial Opportunity Partners acquires Vita Nonwovens More

Clothing for protection against Ebola virus disease More

Reinforced meshes for retropubic implants More

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