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From the Editor

Dornbirn has hosted the Man-Made Fibers Congress (above) for more than 50 years. In October 2016, it will also host the first Smart Textiles and Lightweight Materials trade fair.

Dornbirn, Austria, has been associated in our industry for more than 50 years with the Man-made Fibers Congress, an important meeting because of its tradition of showcasing the latest technologies and applications for high-performance fibres. Now, a new event relevant to technical textiles has also chosen the picturesque town as its location: the first Smart Textiles and Lightweight Materials (SALTEX) trade fair will take place on 5–6 October 2016.

The organizer, Messe Dornbirn, says it will use new halls to house exhibitors from both the smart textiles and fibre-reinforced composites industries. The location will also benefit from the proximity of many of the innovators the event aims to attract.

SALTEX will place an emphasis on knowledge transfer, within and across these two rapidly growing sectors, and has been conceived in conjunction with representatives from these industries and research institutes. One topic these advisors have identified as overlapping the two sectors, for instance, is the drive for automation in the manufacture of products.

Initially, at least, it is planned to be a biennial event.

Those not wanting or able to wait until October 2016 still have plenty of options for events on either topic, including in September and October this year alone: the Man-made Fibers Congress 2015; Avantex in Paris, France; Composites Europe 2015 in Stuttgart, Germany, and JEC Asia 2015 in Singapore. Details on these and many others can be found in our site’s Forthcoming events list, which is freely available to anyone registered, or that of our sister site: Performance Materials.

Latest Conference Proceedings available to purchase now on CD-Rom

The presentations of proceedings from the Conference on Nonwovens for High-performance Applications (March 2015) and the International Conference on Textile Coating and Laminating (November 2014) are available to purchase on a CD-Rom as PDF files.

NHPA2015, the second Conference on High-performance Applications, concluded that significant growth is anticipated for high-performance nonwovens. NHPA2015 was held in Cannes, France 4-5 March 2015. The 19 presentations as given at the conference are now available on a CD-Rom in PDF format, plus the audio files of the discussion workshops. For more information on the papers and speakers click here

TCL2014, the International Conference on Textile Coating and Laminating, was held in the Novotel Montfleury in Cannes, France, 4-5 November 2014. More than 100 senior staff from around the world attended to hear two days of expert presentations and engage in workshops and discussions. The 21 presentations as given at the conference are now available on this CD-Rom in PDF format. For more information on the papers presented click here  


Latest Features

If the consumer desire for groundbreaking wearable technologies has at times been questioned, the crowdfunding site Kickstarter offers some pretty concrete reassurances, reports Adrian Wilson.  At the same time, there are few guarantees for investors.

The extension of Techtextil to four days gives visitors more opportunities to see the plentiful innovations exhibited; Editor Nick Butler picks his highlights of those that involving developments with fabrics.

Underpinning much of the commercial innovation exhibited at Techtextil is an infrastructure that supports the industry: a flourishing research base; independent testing centres; international standards; the means to assure quality.

Techtextil has grown continuously during the lifetime of this magazine, as has the importance of high-performance applications for nonwovens. Another record-breaking exhibition provides plenty of evidence to support both these statements.